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Warehouse Space For Rent in Gurgaon

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    Gurgaon, Haryana

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Warehouse Space For Rent in Gurgaon


Rental Warehouse


Gurgaon may be a part of NCR town contiguous Delhi is and its the second largest thickly settled city of Haryana and the population of Gurgaon is around 9 lakh.

The history of Gurgaon is coupled to the Mahabharatam.Yudhishthira gave this village to Dronacharya throughout the Mahabharatam amount, since then it absolutely was named Gurugram. Many firms have head offices in Gurgaon and have heaps of business activity.

Gurgaon may be a major name within the reposition trade in asian nation. Most firms have warehouses in Gurgaon. After GST, warehouse demand in Gurgaon has multiplied in no time whether or not its Warehouse Rent Gurgaon or intrinsic suit warehouse for rent thus lets perceive what the warehouse trade is in Gurgaon There are unit principally 5 reposition hubs in Gurgaon. Lets attempt to perceive them.


Warehouse rent in Patudi Road:


Pataudi may be a city in Gurugram it takes simply half-hour to travel from Gurugram to Pataudi. Pataudi assembly body is additionally of Gurgaon .

Warehousing hubs have developed in no time here thanks to their proximity to Gurugram. Pataudi includes a giant vary of Warehouse lease in Patudi road and build to suit Warehouse rent in pataudi road has giant warehouses starting from ten,000 sq. feet to two,00,000 sq. feet.

And to speak regarding able to move warehouse rent, here is warehouse rent from fifteen rupees to twenty rupees sq. feet. Each Grade A and Grade B warehouses area unit offered in Pataudi Road.


Sohna Road:


Sohana Road is found on the Gurgaon to Alwar road. Sohna Municipal Committee is of Gurgaon district if youre searching for a able to move warehouse rental on Sohna Road then this data is for you.

The size of warehouse for rent in Sohana road ranges from ten,000 to 200000 sq. feet. And speaking of rent, here the sq. feet rent ranges from fourteen rupees to twenty rupees on sq. match reckoning on what reasonably warehouse its.




In the Mahabharatam, Bilaspur is known as once the sage Ved Vyasa Bilaspur. It is the block head quarter of Yamunanagar. able to move and heaps of choices are sure offered in build to suit Warehouse rent or Warehouse rent close to me in Bilaspur.

Most of the massive warehouses here have sizes higher than 30,000 and up to 5, 00,000 sq. feet. If you say warehouse area for rent, the rent here ranges from eighteen rupees to twenty two rupees per sq. feet.


Farukh Nagar:


Farukh Nagar is regarding twenty one to twenty two kilometers from Gurgaon. Farukh Nagar is connected with Jhajjar District there are regarding nine blocks in Gurgaon, out of that Farrukh Nagar may be a municipal block of Gurgaon.

Mostly industrial or producing activity takes place in Farukh Nagar. Warehouse for rent in Farukh nagar and build to suit Warehouse rent in Farukh Nagar area unit quite sensible choices offered within the warehouse. Here you may realize warehouses starting from 10,000 to 5,00,000 sq. feet on rent. If you say the rent, then the warehouse rent in farukh nagar from eighteen rupees to twenty two rupees per sq. feet here.




Manesar may be a city in Gurgaon. It has a producing plant of massive firms like Maruti Suzuki and Panthera once. In Manesar, you get to ascertain IT Park instructional Institute workplace edifice quite ton.

Manesar has the foremost producing unit here too, Warehouse area for rent in Manesar and build to suit Warehouse rent in Manesar choices area unit offered. Here the scale of able to move warehouse is out there for rent from 10,000 to 50,000 sq. feet. If you say warehouse for Lease, the rent here ranges from seventeen rupees to twenty two rupees per sq. feet.


NH-8 Gurgaon:


National road half-dozen lane National road eight may be a road that connects metropolis to Mumbai. Its total length is 1428 klick this road connects several major cities Therefore; warehouse demand is highest on this road in Gurgaon.

Therefore, warehouse demand is highest on this road in Gurgaon. Build to suit Warehouse rent on NH8 additionally has choices offered for rent if you say Warehouse area for rent; here too the rent is from seventeen rupees to twenty one rupees on sq. match.




Gurgaon, Haryana



Warehouse Space For Rent in Gurgaon