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Warehouse In Gurgaon

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  • Location :

    Gurgaon, Haryana

  • Unit type :

    Warehouse And Logistics

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    Price:- On Request

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Introduction of Gurgaon Warehouses

The overall space haunted among the availability and deposition sector among the country crossed the 24million sqft mark among the year 2018, registering associate degree annual growth of quite ordinal. Implementation of the GST has a diode to sweeping implications on industries, further thus among the warehouse and provision sector.
The increasing collaboration for technology advancement among the leading player is Aquarock. Weve a warehouse for rent in many areas of Gurgaon. Warehouse leasing is primarily driving the demand for the deposition leasing market.

Warehouse locations in Gurgaon

1.       Warehouse in Khirkidola, Gurgaon

Khirkidola is associate degree industrial house in Gurgaon covering mainly sector 37 or Udyog vihar section -7 offers warehouse and industrial shed and geographical point space and plant house.

2. Warehouse in Daruhera, Gurgaon


Dharuhera is found in what’s informally cited as Ahirwal or Yadav region of Haryana. Dharuhera is that the fastest-growing census town among the state of Haryana, India. Its exclusively associate degree hour drive from the Mrs. Gandhi International airdrome and 27km from Gurgaon. It connects Rajasthan to the Capital, New Delhi, through the National route eight. it is the main choice for Industrialists, investors, and assets developers because of its location.

3. Warehouse in NH-8, Gurgaon

NH eight was a multilane (6-lane in most a neighbourhood of Gujarat and between Delhi-Jaipur) National route within the Asian country. In line with estimates, it is the busiest route among the land as a result of it connects the metropolis urban centre to the money capital metropolis, any as very important cities Gurgaon, Jaipur, Ajmer, Udaipur, Ahmedabad, Vadodara, And Surat. the total length is 1428km below the new numbering; its become a neighbourhood of the NH48.
Area out there – 10000sqft – 100000sqf

4.Warehouse in Manesar, Gurgaon


The Gurgaon – Manesar the program involves the population of thirty-seven,00,000 by 2021.
Manesar is associate degree Industrial town within the Gurgaon district of the state of Haryana in Asian countries and is part of the metropolis Region(NCR) of the urban centre. It has reworked from an asleep village to one of the fastest-growing administrative districts within the Asian country. It is a returning house of NCR. Many supposed developers like Asian country Builders The corporation have superimposed a replacement tag to Manesar Proximity to political nerve centre- the urban centre has diode the govt. to establish headquarters of some institutes of national importance here like National Security Guards(and its coaching job centre), Indian Institute of company Affairs, National Bomb Data Centre and National Brain analysis Centre.

5. Warehouse in Bilaspur, Gurgaon

Bilaspur is also a census town and block headquarters in Yamunanagar District among the state of Haryana, India.

Area out there – 12000sqft – 100000sqft


6. Warehouse in Pataudi Road, Gurgaon

Pataudi is also a town in Gurgaon district, presently Gurugram, among the Indian state of Haryana. Its settled 28km(174 mi) from Gurgaon, at the foothills of the Aravali hills. Pataudi Tehsil is part of the Ahirwal region.
Pataudi Road is currently among the neighbourhood of three major routes like National route 8(India) and conjointly the approaching Kundli –Manesar-Palwal highway and conjointly the projected Dwarka highway. Manesar is solely four kilometres from Pataudi Road, the provision park, special Economic Zones(SEZs) by Reliance, Raheja Engineering SEZ, and a commercial sector.
Area out there – 10000sqft – 100000sqft

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Gurgaon, Haryana


Warehouse In Gurgaon