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Model Economic Township Jhajjar

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    Jhajjar, Haryana

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Model Economic Township Jhajjar



On the directly purchased site, the model economic town project can still be constructed within the Industrial Model town framework. Work on a 290-acre plot of land designated as a industrial colony has begun. Panasonic and Denso, for example, have developed manufacturing facilities under the MET Project. . On December 12, 2005, HSIIDC and the Haryana State Industrial Construction Corporation (HSIIDC) signed a memorandum of understanding for the development of a large multi-product SEZ in the Gurgaon and Jhajjar districts of Haryana.

Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL) has announced that its cluster company Reliance Haryana SEZ Limited (RHSL) has returned to Haryana State Industrial & Infrastructure Development Authority one,383.68 acres of land in Gurgaon as nonheritable. Due to a reassessment in strategic priorities, the Hong Kong Special Economic Zones Investment and Development Corporation (HSIIDC) was able to establish special economic zones (SEZs).

RHSL could be a joint venture between Reliance Ventures, a wholly owned subsidiary of Reliance Industries, and HSIIDC, a Haryana government-owned firm. The company was formed to build special economic zones (SEZs), model economic townships (METs), and various infrastructure projects in Haryana.



MET Jhajjar– Independent Agency & Competitive Mix



• Ideally located adjacent to the NCT of Delhi 

• Indias number one non-public sector company – Reliance Industries Limited 

• Rail coupled Industrial town provision hub on the DFC, robust regional property & Multi-modal transport network 

• 8250 acres of freehold land with no future sweetening compensation 

• 1860 acres of environmental clearance

• Creation of a 220 kilovolt station – approval received 

• Government allotted offer of over a hundred MLD from recently constructed NCR Channel 

• Government allotted offer of over a hundred MLD from recently created NCR Channel.


The Following are the Main Features of this Development:


• Plug-and-play model, with road, electricity, water, and sewerage provided up to the plot boundary.

• Completely integrated town with business clusters and support infrastructure such as a provision hub, residential, commercial, recreational, and institutional enclaves.


The Developments that have Already Occurred in MET are listed Here.


• Panasonic and Denso, two large Japanese companies, are already operational.

• Reliance Retails National Distribution Centre, which spans ninety acres, is now under construction and will be operational soon.

• Establishment of a rail-connected non-public Freight Terminal (PFT) on 182 acres to house Associate in Nursing ICD, Customs house, and to meet the provisioning needs at the border

• IndoSpace, an alphabetic character fund, is constructing a warehouse and piece of land of 130 acres at intervals of MET, offering engineered up areas for lease.


Development and Infrastructure: 


• Establishment of a 220/33 kilovolt station; ongoing construction of a storm water pipeline.

• non-public ICD with anticipated Export – Import operations

• Central Gurgaon is twenty-five kilometres away.


Reliance Haryana SEZ Limited (RHSL) is a potential subsidiary of Reliance Ventures Limited, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Reliance Industries Limited. The new development space for company plots at Reliance MET comprises a wide range of incredibly cost-effective options, as well as a key position for business plots near Delhi. Accessibility within the Project Freehold Industrial Plots are available for immediate development at Reliance MET. All relevant infrastructure facilities are maintained in the business plots near Gurgaon that are available on a freehold basis. Reliance industrial plots in a model economic town will be available for development in conventional sizes of one thousand square feet, , 2000 sqm, 1 acre, 2.5 acres & five acres. The Projects Current Status. The project is in the middle stage of a corporate takeover of a home. Some firms have haunted about 365 acres of land and have employed over 2000 people.

The direct cockiness and accessibility of administrations gap between and its neighbouring countries attracts a large number of international companies to India, particularly in the zones surrounding the urban center Region. To attract a large number of financial experts to the mechanical sector, the administration has improved speculative points of interest and removed barriers. Since its inception in Gregorian calendar month twenty-five, 2014, the administrations Make in India policy has sparked a slew of venture announcements and investment commitments. Under this policy, the administration has placed a strong emphasis on enabling genuine national and international businesses to manufacture their goods in the Republic of India. This can also be used for job creation and capacity development in twenty-five vital industries, such as automobiles, electronics, hardware, oil and gas, and housing and heating, to name a few.

The agricultural zones of the event arrange areas of Delhis L-Zone in the north-east, Gurgaon-Manesar Urban advanced in the south-east, Jhajjar Development arrange space in the north-west, and Farrukhnagar Development arrange space in the south-west are well buffered by the MODEL ECONOMIC town project space.


Model Economic Township Jhajjar Overview


• The MODEL ECONOMIC town is around five kilometres from Farukhnagar, fourteen kilometres from Jhajjar, seventeen kilometres from Bahadurgarh, thirty kilometres from Gurgaon town in Haryana, and eighteen kilometres from Najafgarh in Delhi.

• Recognizing the spaces potential for planned development, the government designated it as a restricted area, allowing the government to set up a separate development plan for the world.

• The government has also designated the world as a geographical region for the purpose of modifying it through the use of various urban infrastructures.

• It is located inside the influence zone of the Delhi City Industrial Passageway (DMIC) Project, and the Haryana government has designated it as a DMIC node. In addition, the project is linked to the western Dedicated Freight Passageway (DFC).

RHSL was given 1,383 acres of land by HSIIDC in 2007 for the establishment of the SEZ. The Haryana government approved the creation of SEZ over the area transferred by HSIIDC in Gurgaon and the development of MET on July 14, 2010. On the other hand, the Centre withdrew the commercial enterprise concessions for the SEZs in March 2011.

"As a result, in January 2012, RHSL proposed to return the 1,383 acres, claiming that SEZs had become unviable due to the removal of commercial sector incentives. The Haryana cabinet approved the return of the land to HSIIDC on February 7, 2014, at a value significantly lower than that at which it was transferred.


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Jhajjar, Haryana


Model Economic Township Jhajjar