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Industrial Plots in Jaipur

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Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan and is also known as the Pink City. It was built before almost 300 years and is 262 km by road from Delhi. Today, Jaipur has become a hot destination for industrial real estate development. There is ample industrial land for sale in Jaipur.  If investors want to buy Industrial Land, then they can consider Jaipur as an option close to Delhi.




The government of Rajasthan has taken many steps to streamline the approval procedure and manage exports, offer better quality infrastructure and improve the overall business climate. The numbers of promotion policies have been recommended by the state government to improve the investment opportunities in the state.

Rajasthan Industrial and Investment Promotion Policy (RIIPP) 2010 is one such policy enforced by the government:

This policy aims to streamline investments, improve all-inclusive economic growth and encourage large scale employment opportunity in Rajasthan.

The policy has been framed keeping the below objectives in mind:

Maintaining a positive business climate via policymaking and systematic modifications.

Building high-end infrastructure.

Increasing skill levels and employment opportunity by increasing training institutes in PPP.

Making real estate land easily available.

Giving the benefit to MSMEs and giving a priority to cluster-based MSMEs.

Promoting thrust areas.

These measures will boost sales of  Industrial land and Industrial Plots In Jaipur.




This policy has an objective to promote private sector investments in healthcare by:

Identifying the real estate land available for healthcare.

Maintaining a land bank for healthcare institutions.

Encouraging suitable institutions as medical tourism hotspots.

Making investment through time-bound clearance and financial incentives.

Forming a regulatory body with proper authority and support for quality care and grievances.

Setting up standards through a committee to help in certification.

Giving paid consultation and services related to hospital planning and daily functioning.

The investors in private health care starting healthcare the facility in Rajasthan is entitled to the below exemptions as per RIPS 2010:

Half exemption in stamp duty

Half exemption from electricity duty for 7 years

Half exemption in conversion charges.

These policies will promote Sale of Industrial Plots in Jaipur.

Solar Policy 2011

The Solar Policy 2011 aims to establish Rajasthan as a national leader in the area of solar energy in a phased manner by creating a policy framework for encouraging solar energy.

The government has offered the below incentives:

No duty on Electricity

When power producers consume energy for their own use, they will be given a concession on electricity duty.

Incentives for Industry

When solar power plants generate electricity, it shall be counted as eligible under the schemes administered by the industries department. When industries get incentives under such schemes, they shall be available to solar power plants. Industrial Plot in Jaipur will benefit from these incentives.

Water Supply has an excellent water supply facility available.


Water for Power Generation

Indira Gandhi Nahar Project (IGNP) canal will facilitate the availability of ample water supply for industrial development in Jaipur. Development of thermal solar plants can happen because of water availability for power generation. Power producer informs water requirement to RREC with a water source. After the assessment, water requirement shall be forwarded to the Water Resource Department. The water resource department will make modifications in the existing canal system. The water resource department makes modifications on behalf of the power producer.

This the facility is a boost for Industrial development and Plots In Jaipur. It gives investors a good reason to consider Jaipur as a real estate investment destination.




Jaipur is covered by a thick mantle of soil rising to around 200 meters over surrounding plain. Jaipur is surrounded by large perennial rivers (Banganga and Sabi).

Jaipur the area is rich in mineral deposits – Granite, Brick Earth, Dolomite, Calcite, Marble, mica, limestone, brick earth and masonry stone. Thus, Industrial Plots in Jaipur have the benefit of rich soil.




Sitapura the area in Jaipur is highly safe and secure. The crime rate here is comparatively lower than Delhi, Gurgaon and other areas around Delhi. This is a very good option for investors who want to purchase. Industrial land in Jaipur




Delhi pollution level is very high, especially during winters. Jaipur does not face this issue.




Jaipur is a part of the industrial corridor of Delhi –Rajasthan-Gujarat- Maharashtra area. This makes it a very attractive real estate investment option.

Thriving presence of leading companies in Rajasthan

Jaipur has the presence of MNCs and MSMEs in the region. These companies have bought  Industrial Plots in Jaipur.

Below are some companies which have developed industrial units in Jaipur:

  • Nimbus Pipe
  • Tanwar Industries
  • Sika Industries Private Limited
  • Dev Polymers
  • Shree Chopra Polymers
  • Bharat Potteries




Sitapura the industrial area was built in 1990.

Renowned industrialists decided to dissolve their various problems at ground level and department level regarding the area’s development. Many issues related to industrial development at ground levels such as clearances, interruptions, red-tapism and government issues are tackled so that this area can develop fast into a successful industrial estate.

Famous industrialists built Sitapura industrial estate in 26th April 1996.

Sitapura the industrial area has spread almost 30 acres and is further expanding.

The area has 600-700 garment industries, 300-400 jewellery industry, 500-600 woven industry. This area also has many MSME industries, schools, colleges, shopping complexes, vocal training institutes, FMCG industries, flour industries, water storage tanks, testing labs, cement and ceramic products.

Companies in Sitapura Industrial Area:


·         Amol pharmaceuticals

·         Raphelite Industries

·         Aditya Industries

·         Universal Industries

·         Bosch Limited Jaipur

·         Shakti Electrical Corporation

·         Global Industries

·         Sun Tech Industries

·         Delux Cables and Wires Private Limited

·         Natural Livings

·         Unique Organics Limited



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