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Industrial Plots In Kharkhoda

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    Kharkhoda ( Haryana ) 

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Kharkhoda is a promising location to purchase industrial land. IMT Kharkhoda will be created by HSIIDC. HSIIDC is a public limited company, which is completely owned by the government of Haryana. It promotes industrial growth in Haryana.


Facilities In Kharkhoda Industrial Area


HSIIDC will offer infrastructure facilities such as drainage, sewage, waste distribution system, footpath, public health system, electrification, and more.

Kharkhoda industrial estate aims to be a pollution-free industrial area. This is the reason many investors are attracted to purchase industrial plots in Kharkhoda.


Industrial Estate in Kharkhoda Industrial Area Includes The Below Industries:


·         Footwear Park

·         Hardware Park

·         Automobile industries

·         Research and Development industries

·         Marble Park

·         General Manufacturing companies

Kharkhoda Development Plan


Below Are Some Key Facts About Kharkhoda Industrial Area:


·         The government of Haryana has proposed the Kharkhoda Development Plan (2008 to 2021)

·         The environment is favourable for industrial development.

·         The land quality is excellent for industrial development.

·         The terrain is flat and highly suitable for industrial development.

·         This land is very highly ideal for construction and planned to position.




·         Water requirement at IMT, Kharkhoda project is 87.28, freshwater demand will be 30.28.

·         Water will mainly be supplied from the Western Yamuna Canal.

·         Water will be supplied from the Western Yamuna Canal.

·         Water treatment to remove effluents 56.999 MLD, will be used for horticulture and waste management.


Treatment Technology Is Mentioned Below:


·         Sludge digesters

·         Activated Sludge

·         Contact beds

·         Screen and grit removal

·         Sedimentation

·         Vacuum filters

·         Centrifuges biological: anaerobic

·         Plasma treatment

·         Suspended




Kharkhoda industrial area has an excellent facility for electricity.

·         Power supply requirement for the project is 500 MW, which will be supplied by the State Electricity Board.

·         The new city includes many buildings with huge requirements for power supply.

·         The approximate power requirement for the project is 500 MW which will be supplied by the State Electricity Board.

·         Reliable electricity power for IMT Kharkhoda, two circuits 220kv power supply from two different 400KV substations of Indian State Grid will be the new normal power source.

·         The township will also have an additional power supply line as a backup.

The total area for parking is around 0.8 to 1.0m 2 for every person in the urban area. Out of this, 80 to 90% of the land is for the parking lot of motor vehicles. 10 to 20% of the land is for parking of bicycles.

Waste Management in Kharkhoda industrial Area

Solid waste management will be done, where systematic water will be stored. There will be three bus stations, which shall be located at the rail station. The average area of every bus station will be 5000 m2.

The waste will be managed at the site and will be reused and sent for recycling. A small motor vehicle will be used for collection and the service radius won’t exceed 2 km.

Manure from the composite will be reused for developing soil and making spaces green.


The average rain volume recorded in Sonepat is 400-700 mm. Sonepat district is located in the Yamuna river basin. The drainage system is similar to the one in the arid and semi-arid area. It includes large water bodies and semi bodies. The drainage system is quite complex and flows into the Yamuna through many seasonal channels.


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Kharkhoda ( Haryana ) 


Kharkhoda Industrial plots