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Industrial Plot In Bhiwadi

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    Bhiwadi (Rajasthan)

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Introduction and About


Bhiwadi is one of the fastest-growing cities in Rajasthan. Its location has strategic advantages of being within 50 km of Gurgaon, Alwar, New Delhi and Faridabad. It is located 200 km from Jaipur. It is highly favourable for economic and infrastructure development.

 It is located in the national capital territory (NCT) region Delhi, Bhiwadi. It is recognized as a priority town or a regional hub in this region. Some of the biggest manufacturing companies have set up units here. It s also a famous tourist destination.


Some Statistics:


       The population of Bhiwadi as per population census data is 1, 04,883 (2011).

·         The average literacy rate is 80.67%.

·         Bhiwadi city was incubated in the year 1975-76.

·         Bhiwadi industrial the area is a huge industrial estate with more than 2700 small, medium and large scale industries operating in the locality.

·         Bhiwadi estate hosts all industries in the area of steel, textiles, food, printing, electronics, pharmaceuticals and furnace. The Bhiwadi Alwar road is linked to National Highway NH 71B and boasts an industrial attraction – Tapukara industrial area.

·         Some of the most prominent corporate names in Bhiwadi area are Honda Motorcycle, Orient Craft, Ray-Ban, United Breweries, Havells India, Scooter India, Sun India Optics Limited, Federal Moghul Goetze and Gillette India.

  • There is no train which reaches Bhiwadi directly. However, there is a rail line a few km. Away. Bhiwadi is 58 km from Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi. The flight is actually the best way to reach Bhiwadi.
  • Bhiwadi is also close to Agra airport (Kheria). This airport is 160 km from Bhiwadi.
  • Bhiwadi is reachable via public transport. The closest bus stand to reach Bhiwadi is Gurgaon, 31 km from Bhiwadi. Thereafter, a private vehicle has to be taken. Kosli in Haryana has one more bus stand, 43 km from here.
  • Bhiwadi is also reachable by train. The nearest railway station to Bhiwadi is Pataudi road and Kalilpur in Haryana. These are about 19 km from Bhiwadi. Rewari railway station is around 26 km away.
  • Bhiwadi the area is located in Tijara tehsil part. This area is governed by an administrative officer known as Tehsildar. It is located in Alwar district Rajasthan. This district is governed by a district collector and a district magistrate. Additionally, 2 additional district magistrates perform a separate set of duties.

·         Bhiwadi is a fast-growing town and will keep growing in the future. Infrastructure in the area is massively developing and the city is well connected with all types of transport. There are ample power supply and excellent infrastructure development. This makes it a very attractive destination for real estate investment.

·         The Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC) Project – Rajasthan- the three impact areas form an important investment area. It is close to NH8 and is an important part of the Golden Quadrilateral.

·         Rapid Rail Transit System- the rapid rail transit system will connect Delhi and Alvar. It will reduce the time taken to reach Bhiwadi from Delhi. It will also help in opening up the roads, reduce pollution and create a safe and effective transport system for commuters.

·         Bhiwadi has ample water supply available to ensure smooth functioning of the industry. The Urban Improvement Trust (UIT) in Bhiwadi is responsible for water distribution across different areas. Electricity and water supply are managed by UIT. UIT has supplied water in Bhiwadi for 4 hours, twice a day and for two hours each.


Why can Bhiwadi be a good choice for industries?


·         Just like other cities like Delhi, Gurgaon, Alwar, Jaipur, etc., the city of Bhiwadi has seen a metamorphosed economy. This was possible only after the establishment of the industrial hub in Rajasthan.

·         This, in turn, changed the face of commercial properties as well. Now, who wouldnt want an industrial plot in this highly potential area? Exactly thats the reason we are here to help you through this tedious task of buying the perfect industrial plot for your company.

·         Being situated on the borders of Rajasthan and Haryana, it has a whole pile of opportunities. The town of Bhiwadi is said to have an insignificant past but a very bright future.

·         The district of Alwar plays an important role in the emerging industrial hub here. Situated in the Alwar locale, it has more than 2500 operational companies.

·         The ever-growing development of Bhiwadi is all due to the efforts of the government of the state along with the hard-working people of the town.

·         Due to these major advancements, the standard of living of the people has equivalently shown a significant surge.


Few Major Companies at Bhiwadi :  


        Bhiwadi is a hub for all kinds of companies, including small and mid-size as well. Although being a small industry, it is quite impressive to know that it is self-sufficient at the same time. Companies like rolling mills, textiles, printing, cables, steel, engineering, electronics, furnace, etc. form part of this sufficiently effective industry hub.

·         A variety of multinational companies have also become a part of this industry recently. Companies like Asahi, Hero, Honda, Pepsi, Honda Siel, Ray-Ban, Saint Gobain, United Breweries, etc. have set up their businesses here. This newly and recently set up multinational companies have given hope and employment to the youth of the town.


Industrial plots offered for sale


       The industrial plot in Bhiwadi has seen an ever-rising demand since the major developments. The industrial plots in this area offer not only geographically efficient land but also economically resourceful land. The benefits of these plots are something that one should always look out for.


Size starts from 500 sqm onwards 


        This the particular plot is located exactly opposite the Honda Car Pant in Bhiwadi that has the best set of amenities and well-created territory. The place has all sorts of facilities like electricity, gas connection, roads, transportation, infrastructure, telecommunication, sewage line, security, police, etc.

·         The mechanical line of Khuskhera is very close by and has many multinational companies that had expanded their companies in that region. And hence, it is in the best interest of any company to particularly choose plots in Bhiwadi.

·         The Delhi terminal is just 65 km from this plot which can be helpful for connectivity. This industrial plot seems to be well equipped and has a fate to provide you best returns.


Size starts from 500 sqm onwards


      This massive industrial plot is closer to the capital of the country, Delhi. Due to this proximity, it already has the advantage to be a better option than others.

·         This the specific plot is at the ground level, making very useful and productive. The area is pretty much in demand, and hence the prices here do not drop below Rs. 10,000 per sq mt.

·         The Rajasthan State Industrial Development and Investment Corporation (RIICO) has this particular industrial land under its control and hence charges 2% transferrable charges with few other charges too.

·          Investors who tend to build shopping malls, IT offices, or Production unit can find this plot to be perfect for the investment.


          Size starts from 500 sqm onwards


           The properties Khuskhera has very smooth connectivity with Delhi NCR and the speculation tends to be on its side.

·          Several financial specialists have jumped into the race of investing in the area. The growth here is said to be inevitable.

·         The certain structures give it a gated boundary. The prices that we offer are very rare, and it is an opportunity of a lifetime. The prospects predicted by specialists are positive here.

·         There are many production units and offices in the area like Honda Car and Two Wheeler plant, Lathi Steel, Supreme Furnitures, Paramount Cable, etc. The industrial area of Khuskhera comes under the Japan Investment Corridor, a Central Government Scheme Dec. This worth a deal.


Size starts from 500 sqm onwards


      Why spend your crores and precious time in building something that is made readily available just for you? A well-established factory has built in the 5000 sqft area in the prime industrial area of Bhiwadi. You might not believe this, but the land is just 500 meters away from the local streets.


·         The the face of opportunities and benefits will change in no matter of time once the proposed metro rail and air terminal have finished its work. The future demographics of the place are already set to be changed. 


Residential Group Housing for Employees and Labours Ashiana Housing Town


·         Ashiana Housing town will develop 4000 housing units across 52 acres of land in different phases. This is Ashiana Housing’s 8th project in Bhiwadi.

·         Integrated Utility Management Bhiwadi- The integrated utility management of Bhiwadi is under development. Bhiwadi includes components such as stormwater, wastewater management, solid waste management, and sewerage system and rainwater conservation.

·         The Rajasthan Housing Board has developed 1874 residential houses in Bhiwadi area. The Urban Trust has constructed 600 houses and developed 6900 plots.

·         Stamp duty in Rajasthan is 5% of the transaction value. If the property is registered in a female‘s name, the stamp duty is 4%.

·         Registration charges in Bhiwadi are 1% of the property price. The maximum amount charged is Rs. 50,000.

·         Electricity is supplied in Bhiwadi industrial area through Jaipur Vidyut Sitaram Nigam and other areas such as Alwar, the same district in which Bhiwadi is situated.

 The above-stated reasons make Bhiwadi an attractive industrial real estate investment for an investor. Those looking to purchase industrial land near Delhi can consider Bhiwadi as an attractive option.


How Far Is Bhiwadi From Delhi?


Bhiwadi is located at a distance of 69 km from Delhi.


Which Is The Nearest Airport From Bhiwadi?


The nearest airport from Bhiwadi is Indira Gandhi International airport.


Which Is The Most Famous Industrial Area In Bhiwadi?


RIICO Industrial Area

RIICO has good connectivity to Bhiwadi Industrial Hub is 45 km from Gurgaon and 60 km from IGI Airport.

  • Industrial Area, Bhiwadi


In Which Locality Or District is RIICO Industrial Area Located?


District Alwar

  •    Give details of Bhiwadi industrial area location.

Bhiwadi industrial area is located 70 Km by road from New Delhi and is near National Highway 8.

Bhiwadi is located at a distance of 200 km or 124 miles by road from Jaipur.


What Are The Facilities Available at Bhiwadi Industrial Area?


  • Water availability at 4,000 gph.
  • Water depth at Bhiwadi industrial area is 25 m (82 ft) average.
  • Present daily supply of water in Bhiwadi industrial area is 0.55 MGD or 2 MLD.
  • Wind velocity at Bhiwadi industrial area is 5 Kph or 3.1 mph.
  • Power supply at Bhiwadi industrial area is 132 KV GSS and 220 KV GSS.
  • Bhiwadi industrial area has good telecommunications facility. It has 2,000 lines electronic exchange with STD facility and other 40 exchange lines.


Manpower ITI at Bhiwadi, Government Polytechnic College At Alwar.


  • Internal transport bus services are available to travel within the area.
  • Facilities in the area include health, education, recreation, accommodation etc. at Bhiwadi.
  • The government provides incentives and benefits to Bhiwadi industrial area.


Which Companies Have Set Up Their Base In Bhiwadi Industrial Area?


Below Are Some Prominent Names Which Have Purchased Industrial Plots In Bhiwadi:


Ø  Climate Control (I) Ltd.

Ø  Indian Shaving Product Ltd.

Ø  Samtel India Ltd.

Ø  Paam Pharmaceutical Ltd.

Ø  Bausch & Lomb Ltd.

Ø  Parasrampuria Synthetics Ltd.


The area is suitable for engineering, food processing, pharmaceuticals and hi-tech industries. Therefore, industrial land in Bhiwadi is highly in demand.

Industrial land in Bhiwadi is a promising investment for long term investment and gain. 

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Bhiwadi (Rajasthan)


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