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Industrial Plot For Sale In Sitapur Jaipur

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     Sitapur, Jaipur

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1.    Industrial Plot For Sale In Sitapur Jaipur


Sitapura industrial space, aforesaid he was unemployed for the past twelve days and had no cash to shop for ration and prepare food for himself.

He is one of the twenty five World Health Organization worked in a company in Sitapura and face similar challenges. They conjointly complained that the govt. Didnt give succor to them in such a troublesome state of affairs. “There is not any work for the past twelve days. We tend to eat no matter is being distributed to United States by the civil society teams. There are days once we hardly get to eat something. Our company owner is additionally refusing to relinquish our payment and also the government isnt doing something for us.

Sitapura and industrial areas and directed the realm general managers and regional managers of RIICO to issue permits, passes and letters of permission for creating the commercial units (dealing with essential items) operational and conjointly to issue passes for vehicles and employees.


Brief Industrial Profile of Sitapur District one.


General Characteristics of the District Sitapur includes a long history. Sitapur was established by the sort Vikramaditya when the name of Lord Ram’s woman Sita. This place cares with ancient medical and fashionable history. Purans was written by Rishi Ved Vyas on the traditional location known as Namisharanya. Sitapur is one in every of the 5 sacred places , the Hindu ought to visit in their Panch Dham Yatra Journey. This can be land of Seer, Sufis and dalit. Dargah of Hazrat Moqadoom Arab chief at Khairabad and Hazrat Gulzar monarch area unit the symbols communcal harmoney.


1 Location & region


Sitapur district is found at Lattitude 27.57°N & 80.68°E. Its set on the gangastics plains with alevations starting from a hundred and fifty metre on top of water level within the north and within the north west to one hundred meter. The Sitapur town is placed on the bank of stream Sarayan, 0.5 method between Lucknow and Shahjahanpur on the Lucknow-Delhi National route No.24 and eighty nine kilometre. NorthWest from the urban center Lucknow. Sitapur district is enclosed by district Kheri within the North, District Bahraich within the East, district Lucknow within the South, District Barabanki inthe sourth east and district Hardoi inthe West. The region of Sitapur district is 5743 Sq.Km.




Sitapur intersected by varied streams and rivers and contains several shallow pounds and natural reservoirs, that over flow throughout season, however become dry within the hot season. Except within the japanese portion, that lies in the doabs between the Kewani and Chanka and also the Ghaghra and Chauka four rivers, the soil is dry. Even this dampish tract is interspersed with patches of land lined with saline efflorescence known as reh.


3. Availableness of Minerals


The sole minerals of any note, found within the district Sitapur is sand that accessible on the market on stream banks and employed in constructions works and bricks clay is additionally available in district.




In the Sitapur District the entire forest space is 580 hectares that is one.01% of total region. Thats terribly low space below forest. 4767 hectares space area unit below woodlet and mixed sort of vegetation primarily buses. The twist like Shishum, Neem, Mangifera indica and Jamun tree, Eucalyptus and Babool area unit found in ample numbers. 1.5 body came upon. Sitapur district is in the Lucknow division. Its been divided into half dozen sub divisions, popularly called Tehsils. The district revenue adminstration is headed by the District Collector conjointly called District jurist with workplace at the Collectorate and Tehsils area unit below the charge of Sub-Divisional jurist. There are unit nineteen blocks and 1329 populated villages and twenty seven area unit unoccupied. There are unit four parliamentary constituencies and nine Assembly constituencies. The law and order adminstration is together coordinated by the District jurist and also the Superintendent of Police.


Art and Business


This district was far-famed for its textile business in seventeenth and eighteenth century. The Malay Archipelago Company organized to export the loom garments factory-made in Khairabad and Dariyabagh. Biswan was far-famed for material potteries. In 1886, artists from Biswan got medal in empire exhibition control at London, for inventive show on material pots. The district was conjointly far-famed for carved door panels. Presently the district isnt terribly far-famed from Industrial purpose of read. There area unit 5 sugar mills and a few flour mills, rice mills within the district. The district is especially far-famed for its cotton and woolen mat (Durries). Laharpur and Khairabad area unit far-famed for it’s production and export.

The Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation (IIDC) has embarked with an idea to develop associate degree industrial estate at Sitapur in Morena district.

The corporation has planned to pay Rs sixty nine large integer on developing basic facilities like roads, drainage, water etc.

IIDC, Gwalior is devoted for promotion of industries and industry within the State and is presently engaged within the activities of development and management of business Areas and Infrastructure facilities within the northern a part of Madhya Pradesh,” aforesaid a notification.

IIDC, Gwalior had developed several industrial areas as per the inherent strength of region and business prospects in Gwalior region. All the commercial estates area unit occupied by totally different man of affairs and Small/Medium scale enterprises,” it added.

IIDC, Gwalior is pioneer in providing state-of-the art infrastructural facilities at reasonable value to the capitalist and paving the trail for generation of adequate employment and growth of the region.

Sitapur industrial space are developed on 385 area unit at villages Jakhauda, Sapcholi and Pahadi placed close to Banmor industrial space in Morena district.

The site is planned to develop industrial space on obtainable land at Pahadi, Morena for Phase-I, concerning ten kilometre east of Morena, 54.50 Hectares of land is known at Pahadi space.


 Sitapur, Jaipur



Industrial Plot For Sale In Sitapur Jaipur