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Industrial Model Township Kharkhoda

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    Kharkhoda, Haryana

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Industrial Model Township Kharkhoda


IMT Kharkhoda is underneath development and set in Kharkhoda together with Kundli Manesar Palwal superhighway (KMP Expressway) in district Sonipat Haryana. IMT Kharkhoda is on the border of Delhi close to Auchandi Border. Kharkhoda Land is created subdivision when associate current census of India. It is set sixteen miles to the west from a close-by town, Rohtak. The whole distance between Kharkhoda to Sonipat is nineteen klick. It had its non appointive municipal body for running the municipal administration of the city.


Kharkhoda plot Size:


Area is approx. 3306 acres and development is however to be started. Allotment rates in IMT Kharkhoda begin from 11000 onward. Just about 2965 plots are for general class and 1383 plots underneath R & R class. Plot sizes in IMT Kharkhoda begin from 450 Sqm.

Industrial Lands/Plots available in IMT Kharkhoda, Kharkhoda, Sonipat, Haryana Plot space 1. (4046.86 sq.m.) acres. 4.12 Crore+ Govt Charges & Tax. @ 4,12,00,000 per acres.


IMT Kharkhoda Kharkhoda, Sonipat.


Types of Industries in Industrial Estate


The project envisages the institution of in the main pollution-free industries supported advanced technologies. The spectrum of industries that are expected to return up within the Industrial Estate at Kharkhoda, Haryana, would comprise the following:

General producing Industries

Automobile Industries

Mechanical Industries

R & D Industries

Footwear Park

Marble Park

Hardware Park


Infrastructure of IMT Kharkhoda plots


The project is associate Industrial Model administrative district which may be outlined as a tract of land developed and divided into plots per a comprehensive arrange with provision for roads, transport and public utilities with or while not designed up factories, typically with common facilities for the utilization of a bunch of industrialists.

The main objective of the commercial estate is to encourage and support the creation,expansion and modernization of little Scale Industries (SSI) through the availability of factory accommodation, common service facilities and help and sexual union through all stages of firm and operations furthermore as developing sub-contracting relationship at intervals the tiny scale and huge scale industries and specialized manufacturing activities.


The most purpose of developing these sites is:


·         To encourage the commercial activities of the Sonipat space centrally connected by transport, communication, water and power provide.

·         To confine the commercial activities within the restricted space so as to make sure the industrial growth in associate environmentally friendly manner.


Organization which is liable for industrial development in Kharkhoda


IMT Kharkhoda is created by HSIIDC. HSIIDC may be a public Ld., which is completely owned by the govt of Haryana. It promotes industrial growth in Haryana.


HSIIDC Facilities


HSIIDC can provide infrastructure facilities like drain, sewage, waste distribution System, footpath, public health system, electrification, and more.


Industries in Kharkhoda industrial area


Industrial estate in Kharkhoda industrial space includes the below industries:


 Footwear Park

 Hardware Park

 Automobile industries

 Analysis and Development industries

 Marble Park

 General producing corporations

Benefits of finance in industrial land in Kharkhoda

 The govt of Haryana has projected the Kharkhoda Development arrange (2008 to


 The surroundings is favorable for industrial development.

 The land quality is superb for industrial development.

 The parcel is flat and extremely appropriate for industrial development.

 This land is incredibly extremely ideal for construction and planned positioning.

Water Facility

 Water demand at IMT, Kharkhoda project is 87.28, fresh demand are


 Water can in the main be provided from the Western Yamuna Canal.

 Water are provided from the Western Yamuna Canal.

 Water treatment to get rid of effluents fifty six.999 MLD, are used for agriculture and

Waste management.


The treatment technology is mentioned below:


 Sludge digesters

 Activated Sludge

 Contact beds

 Screen and grit removal

 Deposit

 Vacuum filters

 Centrifuges biological: anaerobic

 Plasma treatment

 Suspended


Electricity Management


 Power provide demand for the project is five hundred MW, which is able to be provided by the

State Electricity Board.

 The new town includes several buildings with large necessities for power provide.

 The approximate power demand for the project is five hundred MW which is able to be

supplied by the State Electricity Board.

 Reliable electricity power for IMT Kharkhoda, 2 circuit 220kv power provide from

two totally different 400KV substations of Indian State Grid are the new traditional power


 The administrative district will have a further power itinerary as a backup.


Waste management


Waste Management in Kharkhoda industrial space

 Solid waste management is done, wherever systematic water is keep. There will be 3 bus stations that shall be set at the rail station. The typical space of every terminal is 5000 M2.

 The waste are managed at the location and can be reused and sent for exercise. A small car is used for assortment and also the service radius won’t exceed 2km.

 Manure from the composite are reused for developing soil and creating areas green.

 The typical rain volume recorded in Sonipat is 400-700 metric linear unit. Sonipat district is located within the Yamuna geographic region. The system is comparable to the one within the arid and semi-arid space. It includes giant water bodies and semi bodies. The drain system is kind of advanced and flows into the Yamuna through several seasonal channels.




Kharkhoda, Haryana


Industrial Model Township Kharkhoda