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HSIIDC Industrial Plot Allotment

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    Gurgaon, Haryana

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HSIIDC Industrial Plot Allotment 


Allotment of business Plots


For the aim of allotment, every sector/phase of the economic Estates/IMTs shall be declared as saturated when ninetieth of the world of inscribed out industrial plots has been assigned.


Reservation of business plots:


1. The reservation of industrial plots shall be accessible solely in unsaturated estates as under:

·         Up to 100 percent of the plots/sheds are going to be reserved in every Estate for allotment to NRIs/ PIOs and for units with thirty third or additional FDI in total investment. Just in case of NRI Plots, the complete quantity towards the worth of the plot needs to be remitted through NRE Account of the soul or in remittances from abroad/ exchange. Within the case of FDI, a minimum of thirty third of the Project price needs to return from the FDI route. However, limit wouldnt preclude allotment of plots within the FDI class as a vicinity of the overall theme of allotment;

·         The other reservation of business plots/sheds as could also be set by the State Government/HSIIDC from time to time.

·         In saturated estates, therell be no reservation for any classes and their applications shall be thought-about as general class applications.

·         No matter variety of business plots assigned beneath higher than classes within the past, the quantity of plots reserved for future allotment in unsaturated areas, shall be discovered on the premise of total variety of plots accessible for allotment as on thirty.09.2015.


The allotment of HSIIDC industrial plot allotment 2020 shall be ruled as under:


On associate degree on-going basis within the following cases:


·         Mega comes involving fastened capital investment (i.e. land, building, machinery & misc. fastened assets) of Rs. one hundred large integer and higher than or comes involving employment generation of quite five hundred persons and serving as anchor units for proliferation of ancillaries.

·         Prestigious land comes involving fastened capital investment (Land, Building, Plant and machinery & misc. fastened assets).

·         The HSIIDC would show the supply of business plots beneath higher than classes on its web site and therefore the applications in respect of of these classes is submitted on associate degree on-going basis to the HSIIDC.


Process of HSIIDC industrial plot allotment 2020:


General / NRI / FDI / Persons with incapacity class Allotment:


·         The HSIIDC shall invite applications for allotment of business plots of assorted sizes and one month amount shall be for submission of applications. The method of allotment of business plots, in respect of applications received in an exceedingly specific month shall be finalized ideally within the next 2 months. The quantity of plots against those applications is to be invited shall be set by MD/HSIIDC.

·         All the applications received beneath the higher than classes shall be evaluated against the subsequent analysis criteria by the In-house Committee of senior officers of HSIIDC, whose recommendations shall be place up to the economic Plot Allotment Committee for approval.


Further, the subsequent tips shall be taken into thought for analysis of applications by the committee grooved for this purpose:

·         The projected project ought to be falling within the class of permissible activities; mustnt involve high pollution, high water consumption and therefore the project parameters ought to be matching with the infrastructure facilities of the actual industrial estate.

·         Wherever the soul / its promoters are already having industrial plots in HSIIDC Industrial estate and therefore the plot is lying vacant/project is nonetheless to be enforced, the necessity of further land should be even by the soul.

·         Wherever the soul / promoters are in default towards payment of dues of the Corporation in respect of existing assigned plots, constant shall be needed to be cleared before supplying of normal Letter of Allotment.


Justification of land applied


·         Just in case the quantity of qualifying applications when analysis are found to be but the quantity of plots offered for allotment, the allotment shall be created by the economic Plot Allotment Committee comprising of MD/HSIIDC, MD/HFC, DI/Haryana and MD/HARTRON. Senior most members shall act as Chairman of the Committee.

·         Just in case the quantity of qualifying applications when analysis are quite the quantity of plots offered for allotment beneath the higher than classes, the allotment shall be created through restricted e-auction amongst the qualifying applicants.

·         In saturated estates, just in case the quantity of applications received are but the quantity of plots offered for allotment, constant could also be re-advertised/the fundamental quantity for submission of applications could also be extended by the director, HSIIDC. In saturated estates, unremarkably twenty fifth - five hundredth of the accessible plots shall be offered for allotment in one go, however, MD/HSIIDC can take a final read during this regard. Just in case of re-advertisement, the quantity of offered plots could also be reduced by the director.


Prestigious Category of HSIIDC Plots:


·         The applications beneath this class shall be received by the HSIIDC associate in on-going basis. The HSIIDC can show the provision of commercial plots for prestigious comes class on its web site.

·         The allotment beneath this class shall be created at allotment rate(s) fixed/revised by the HSIIDC from time to time, by Higher Level Plot Allotment Committee.

·         Just in case the amount of applications received in respect of any plot-size class area unit quite the amount of accessible plots, the allotment shall be created through restricted e-auction.


Mega Category:


·         Applications for allotment of plots beneath this class shall be received by the HSIIDC on on-going basis.

·         The allotment of commercial plots beneath this class involving concessional rates with different incentives (a tailored package) shall be created by Haryana Enterprise Promotion Board beneath the situation of Hon’ble Chief Minister/Haryana.


Central/State Government PSUs Category:


·         The allotment of commercial plots to line up permissible comes by well-known Central / State Govt. Public Sector Undertakings, shall be created on means basis. The applications for allotment of plots beneath this class shall be received by the HSIIDC on on-going basis.

·         The allotment beneath this class shall be created by MD/HSIIDC at allotment rate fixed/revised from time to time.


Specific trade Clusters Category:


In case the HSIIDC receives proposal from any cluster/group of commercial units falling beneath a selected trade class seeking allotment of land for setting up/re-location of their units engaged during a specific trade, in HSIIDC Industrial estates as a cluster, involving combination investment of a minimum of Rs.100crore, the HSIIDC might carve out a special cluster for such industrial units. The procedure for allotment of commercial plots in such cluster shall be constant as for general class allotment.


Payment Terms


·         100 percent of the tentative value of the plot together with the applying as earnest money.

·         15 August 1945 inside a amount of thirty days of issue of RLA (date of issuing of RLA to be excluded), more long for thirty days with interest @ 15 August 1945 p.a. for the extended period.

·         In the event an allottee fails to create payment of 15 August 1945 tentative value of the plot inside 60 days amount (date of issuing of RLA to be excluded), the RLA shall mechanically lapse and therefore the quantity deposited by the allottee towards the value of the plot shall be refunded while not interest, with none deduction.

·         No interest are collectible in cases wherever the allottee makes the full balance payment in lump-sum inside a amount of sixty days of issue of standard Letter of Allotment (RLA), date of issuing of RLA to be excluded.

·         Remaining seventy fifth of the tentative value of the plot is to be paid in eight equal half-yearly installments due on thirtieth June & thirty first December.

·         Interest @ 12-tone system p.a. shall be charged on the balance outstanding when ‘offer of possession’ of the plot/shed. Default in payment of installments shall entail a penal interest @ three-d p.a. over and on top of traditional charge per unit of 12-tone system p.a. for the defaulted amount on the number in default, combined yearly.

·         During a case wherever the allottee approaches HSIIDC for taking on physical possession of the plot in a neighborhood of that possession has not been formally offered on account of non-completion of basic infrastructure development works, constant could also be allowed subject to the allottee furnishing associate endeavor within the prescribed format that he wouldnt raise any claims against HSIIDC on this account. As associate in incentive to such allottee, he wont be charged any interest on his balance installments until the possession is formally offered by the HSIIDC on completion of minimum basic amenities. The amount for fulfillment of all obligations/conditions qua implementation of the project by the allottee shall count from the date of taking on physical possession of the plot by the allottee.

·         As regards existing allottees who are assigned industrial plots/sheds before coming back into force of EMP-2015, any extra value of the plot/shed, as a consequence of improvement in compensation that has been/may be awarded by the Court(s) in any matters/cases arising out of the acquisition proceedings or any incidental or matters connected to it, shall be collectible by the allottee in lump-sum inside sixty days from the date of issue of demand notice with none interest. Within the different, the allottee shall have the choice to create the payment on account of increased value in six half-yearly equal installments due on thirtieth June & thirty first December, with interest @ 12-tone system p.a. on the balance quantity outstanding.

·         Within the Enterprises Promotion Policy 2015, declared by the authorities, a choice has been taken that no improvement are charged in respect of commercial plots/sheds to be assigned by HSIIDC in future. HSIIDC was mandated to formulate an acceptable theme during this regard.

·         The allottee shall get the conveyance deed dead in his/her/its favors inside six months of creating payment of full value of the plot/shed, together with increased value, if any.



Service Sector Enterprises


Considering the importance of service sector enterprises, its been determined to permit activities of service sector enterprises directly providing services to the producing enterprises. The subsequent services that support the producing activities in industrial estate/IMTs shall be eligible for allotment of commercial plots:


1 Repair, Maintenance and parking of machineries/equipment used for industrial activities

2 Industrial/Technical check research lab

3 Industrial photography

4 Bulk traveler services

5 Weigh bridge

6 Blue printing/drawing/computer planning facilities/drafting facility/CAD-CAM

7 Research & Development about industrial activities

8 Tool space for facilitation of trade

9 Media homes, printing, business enterprise services

10 Industrial kitchens/catering services

11 Engineering & style services

12 Repair & maintenance, conjugation of vehicles with none provision of showroom/

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Gurgaon, Haryana


HSIIDC Industrial Plot Allotment 2020