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Factory For Rent In IMT Manesar

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  • Location :

    Manesar, Haryana

  • Unit type :

    Warehouse And Logistics

  • Price :

    Price:- On Request

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1. What is Factory?


The factory is storing merchandise that unit of measurement to be oversubscribed or distributed later. Manufacturing corporations sometimes follow deposits for higher management of demand and supply products.


2. Why need to I rent a factory?


Warehousing wants an obsessive space, however, obtaining a warehouse wont invariably be the best set up as a result of the warehouse has got to be nearer to distributors and a couple of corporations might vary their deposit place before others. Hiring a warehouse proves to be a safer bet.


3. Will I need to pay a deposit for the rental factory?


Renting a factory wants you to pay a refundable deposit at the start of your tenure. The deposit amount may modifier supported factors like location, total area, etc. Get details on this from agents providing warehouses on rent in Gurgaon.


4. What documents am I able to need for getting a factory on rent in Manesar?


Your residential proof, company proof, permits, photo id, etc. unit of measurement variety of the documents required for hiring a warehouse. Please inquire with estate agents for warehouse rental services to know loads.


5. Can I get a factory on the lease?


You can either rent or lease a mill, relying on your demand. Long-term hiring or getting a mill on lease is best for corporations that have long-standing time commitments.


6. Will the agent for a factory on rent in Gurgaon handle the work required for rental?


Generally, theyre doing watch out for all the official formalities and documentation required. it is best to verify identity with the agent in question.


7. What unit of measurement the price of hiring a factory?


The mill rental charges will differ supported true, area of the mill, sort of mill, and such different factors. Kindly request the property agent for a quotation.


Infrastructure of Factory


This Warehouse gettable for RENT in IMT Manesar with twenty-five feet heights RCC athletics, Industrial and Warehouse, industrial use and gettable for Rent Builds up basement/Ground floor, sixty-meter road New complete sensible wanting stylish Warehouse Prime Location in sec-2a Hero Honda chowk. The excellent concern with bobbing up with, large space. Going really low-cost value. Office of all sizes equipped with/unfurnished-Raw/semi-furnished is obtainable.Warehouse of all sizes, each railway line shed/lantern roof, bays for loading & unloading, a lot of parking for trucks, trolley, wide road, for your smart business location, in your budget and best property for you with business accounting purpose of reading.


Factory Description of IMT Manesar


Property – Industrial Shed

Location – IMT Manesar

Plot Sizes – one thousand sqm

Built-Up Area – 6500 sq. ft

height – eighteen – forty feet

Rent – Rs. 18-25/- Per Sqft.


Aquarock Service


With our extraordinarily proficient management specialists, we provide deposit facilities in Gurgaon. With one in each of the large inventory, we offer factories on rent in IMT Manesar, Gurugram at the prime locations of the city. In todays competitive market, finding geographic point warehouses for rent is not a straightforward task; however, we tend to certify that we tend to accomplish all of your warehouse wishes on time and on budget. Giving the best warehouses on rent, this warehouse is well connected with transport, highways, and others.

Being one amongst every of the notable service suppliers within the deposit business, we tend to create positive you with a superb provision answer thus you will accommodate your merchandise among a well-established place where you will act your merchandise with none dispute. With long experience at intervals in the deposit business, we tend to deliver the best for our purchasers thus all the operations space units disbursed accurately.

We offer services in shut coordination with the specific requirements of our purchasers. We tend to undertake the entire technique of shipping, transportation, and storage. Our answer managers provide you with distinctive, innovative, and economical deposit solutions to satisfy the clients need.



Manesar, Haryana



Factory for rent in IMT Manesar