Why You Should Invest In Industrial Areas Near Delhi NCR?

Why You Should Invest In Industrial Areas Near Delhi NCR?

Delhi is the commercial capital of India and is one of the most imperative commercial capitals of Asia. When it comes to the service industry’s contribution, then it’s the most substantial segment with relation to State Domestic Product (SDP), which is about 70%. It is then followed by manufacturing and then comes agriculture, which would be 3.85%. Why You Should Invest In Industrial Areas Near Delhi NCR?

There are so many sectors when it comes to industries in Delhi and Gurgaon, and the essential ones would be the Information Technology, Telecommunications, Media, Hotels, Tourism as well as Banking. Many manufacturing industries have branched out into consumer goods industries and have also established manufacturing units and their offices in Delhi and Gurgaon.

Gurgaon is swiftly becoming one of the fastest-growing industrial and commercial location with plots. Also, not just the local companies with the maximum consumer market and skilled labourers are available in abundance, but the foreign companies are attracted to the uniqueness of the city. Many international and foreign companies are slowly investing and helping with the expansion of the Industrial sector in Delhi.

The Delhi State Industrial Development Corporation has played a vital role in the growth of the industrial sector of Delhi. The main objective of DSIDC is:

  • To aid the interest of the industries of the Union Territory of Delhi. To counsel, assist, and finance as well as to protect and promote them. Plots in Delhi are available so that various industries could set up their headquarters.
  • To procure, as well as to divide the raw materials, without any disadvantage in the said process.
  • To help Small industries benefit from the marketing facilities so they would be able to acquire land and to develop it according to the contemporary requirements and necessities of the companies.
  • To help with the coordination between industries, whether it is a small scale one or a big industry with international headquarters and skilled professionals, all would be considered the same.
  • To help in the development of land and the industry and also with the development of operational schemes industries in Delhi. It would help extensively in improvising the workforce as it would not only help with the local development, but workforce data could be exported with the foreign countries as well.

Delhi has a vast workforce, which is approximately 33%, and when it comes to the unemployment rate, it could be the lowest in the country, which is about 5%. The pillars of Delhi’s economy would be the Telecommunications, Construction, Power, and Real Estate. Gurgaon is gaining a lot of employment and seems to be playing a crucial role in helping with the development as more and more people migrate to Delhi, Gurgaon, and Faridabad quality jobs and employment.

For Delhi’s industrialization and its efficiency, the credit would surely go to the considerable consumer market along with the professional and skilled labour force. The right professional qualification for every sector and job, the rise in jobs, and disposable income have contributed immensely to the growth.

Top Areas for Industrial Property in Gurgaon and Delhi (NCR)

Delhi is the second most productive metropolitan after Mumbai but soon would surpass the number one in the list as well. The recent real estate boom has led to massive growth in the industrial and commercial sectors. With an exceptional increase in various factors, Delhi is attracting talent from all over the country more than ever.

Delhi being the capital city, has its perks that the people get to enjoy, including reliable infrastructure. The roads help with the smooth flow of traffic and with the recent development. Here is a list of all the places that could give ideas for job seekers and ‘land for sale near me’ searches, which would help the people find a job and soon become one of the ideal places to venture, and make investments.


Address-Near Delhi NCR.

 Reliance MET Industrial Plot situated near the western border of Delhi NCR is a self-integrated city, which is currently developing an Industrial Township along with the infrastructure of logistics and the social hub, which also includes commercial, recreational and institutional development. The plot has strong connectivity with the towns of NCR and national highways like Western Peripheral Highway and NH8, NH2, NH71, and NH10, which also pass through this prestigious plot. The plots are available on a freehold basis.


Address-Located near Delhi Mumbai National Highway(NH8)

Another industrial park that is up for sale is the joint venture of Embassy Group and Warburg Pincus EMBASSY INDUSTRIAL PARK. Build on the land parcels between 50-200 acres. The park is accessible near seven cities-Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi NCR, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Pune. It has easy access to Delhi-Jaipur Highway {NH8(NEW NH48)}, which makes it an ideal location for setting up logistics and industrial parks.


Address-Near Delhi NCR Industrial area.

The industrial land on sale near Delhi NCR is situated in one of the most dynamic urban areas. It gives an ideal location and services for the development of the industrial business. It is one of the most integral parts of the commercial land in Delhi. It is easily available with wide roads, water supply, and electricity. The property is available on a freehold basis and is one of the most suitable areas to start a legal manufacturing or commercial unit.


The era is all about modernization and industrialization. Changes are taking place at a very high pace. The companies, the dealers, and even the investors are looking for an area and field which justifies their investment and provides them fruitful results.

For this, they discover prime industrial and commercial lands and properties, which would provide them with the best of their investment results. Before purchasing an industrial property or commercial land, several facts must be kept in mind: warehousing and distribution facilities, connectivity to highways, proper electricity arrangement, sound water supply systems, quality waste management systems, etc.

Delhi and NCR are often counted as one of the posh regions of the country, which provide a hub of remarkable and substantial facilities, for the dealers and investors, which deal in the lands or to purchase any property. Thus, it is highly advisable to look for plots and lands near Delhi NCR regions, to carry out a successful investment endeavour. Why You Should Invest In Industrial Areas Near Delhi NCR?, Why You Should Invest In Industrial Areas Near Delhi NCR?

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