Why to Invest In Industrial Plots at Reliance MET?

Why to invest in industrial plots at Reliance MET ?

Why to invest in industrial plots at Reliance MET ?


Industrial plots are in constant demand in Delhi and surrounding areas. The government of Delhi has put forth strict norms in order to control the pollution levels in and around Delhi area.  Due to this, real estate and industrial real estate investors are looking at alternative solutions for property purchase.

Reliance MET plots are a great alternative to purchase industrial plots in Delhi.

Why Reliance MET ?

The name Reliance is synonymous with trust and longevity. The company has built a great brand value over the years. Therefore, investors need not fear any loss or legal issues with this company.

The industrial plots at Reliance MET have great benefits for more reason than one:

Government Approval

These plots are approved by the Government of Haryana.

The government has approved the Model Economic Township project at Jhajjar road, near west Delhi. Therefore, there are no legal issues or government approval pending. They are all ready to buy. These are the best industrial plots in Delhi available for sale without any hassle.


The industrial township comprises of 8250 acres, and benefits such as Special Economic Zones, domestic tariff advantages, industrial parks with support infrastructure, social and logistics infrastructure, residential, recreational, commercial and institutional development. Thus, the Reliance MET plots have all facilities which an investor would look for in his long term real estate investment for industry purpose.

Proximity to nearby area

The plots have proximity to Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida and nearby areas. These are growing areas in terms of industrial development.

The excellent location is such that the Delhi /Gurgaon border connects with National Highways- NH2, NH8, NH71, and NH 10 in NCR and Delhi region. It connects with 30 revenue villages in Jhajjar and Gurgaon.

Growth and development in this area is sure to happen as there is agricultural growth in North East Delhi, Farukhnagar Development Plan in South.

Below are the details of industrial plots at Reliance MET distance from major points in Delhi:

Najafgarh (Delhi) – 18 km

Bahadurgarh (Haryana) – 17 km

Jhajjar (Haryana) -14 km

Farukh Nagar (Haryana) – 5 km

Gurgaon (Haryana) – 30 km

The size options for the plots are 1000 sq meter, 2000 sq meter, 1 acre, 2.5 acre and 5 acre. Thus, investors can choose from small, medium or large sized plots.

Currently, most of the companies which have set up plants there are multinational companies.

Such popular names include Panasonic, Denso, Reliance Retail and many more.

Industrial plots in Reliance MET are a great option for a person wanting to purchase industrial land in Delhi.


Reliance MET has world class infrastructure, roads, building, water supply, wi fi and electricity.

Skilled workforce is available in this area as it has been developing since many years.

82% workforce is male and the rest is female.


Transport Facility

Reliance MET area has excellent transport facility. The roads are rocky and sturdy and hence ideal for machine truck.

Other Benefits

The area is legally valid and is less polluted, unlike the rest of Delhi area. Hence, government has little legal restrictions with regards to pollution. This is an added advantage as Delhi has many pollution norms due to environment hazards.

The flat fertile land at Reliance MET avoids water accumulation as it is above sea level. Thus, investors need not worry about water clogging during monsoon.

The hydraulic water is gentle and there is enough water supply for industrial growth.  There is adequate electricity supply.

Delhi, Gurgaon and surrounding areas have high FDI inflow and low labour cost. This makes it a very lucrative option for investors.

These are some of the main reasons why investors should invest in real estate in Reliance MET near Delhi. These are the perfect plots for investment near Delhi. Why to invest in industrial plots at Reliance MET ?

Why to invest in industrial plots at Reliance MET ?

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