The Emerging Industrial Area of Farukhnagar

The Emerging Industrial Area of Farukhnagar

The Emerging Industrial Area of Farukhnagar

Farukhnagar municipality is a part of the Gurgoan district in the state of Haryana. A part of the Ahirwal region it shares its border with Jhajjar district. It was established in 1732 under the Mughal emperor Farrukhsiyar by his governor Faujdar Khan. He was also known as the first Nawab of Farukhnagar. The industrial area of Fraukhnagar is just the reflection of its incredible history.

Farukhnagar in Haryana has always been one of the important trading towns, and also known for its salt manufactured from saline water obtained from the villages around it. The salt was called Sultanpur Salt after the location of the most prominent salt work in the area.

Sultanpur was the centre of salt production for use in Delhi and the United Provinces until the late 19th century. Salt was produced by extracting brine from wells using bullocks and drying in open plots. The Farukhnagar industrial area has received a lot of demand, and here is some information to help you with.

Farukhnagar, along with rich heritage culture, has also become an exceptional industrial area. It was possible only due to cheap resources and connectivity with the Golden Quadrilateral.

It always has been a busy commercial area because of its strategic location and resources available. And because of its strategic, it is attracting a lot of economic projects.

Why Farukhnagar is the best option for your industry?

Due to the proximity of Farukhnagar to large consumption centres of Gurugram and Manesar, it is ideal. And because of the above-stated facts, Farukhnagar is a house to a lot of leading commercial sectors like e-commerce, logistics, automotive, etc.

Easy connectivity to Dwarka Expressway and KMP Expressway and proximity to T3- Indira Gandhi International Airport has proven beneficial. Furthermore, with policies that are industry-oriented make the Industrial area in Farukhnagar a prime destination for Multinational companies.

One such Industrial park in Farukhnagar is the Embassy Industrial Park spread over 108 acres of land. With such large e-commerce into business in India, logistics plays a major role in its success. With land availability, cheaper costs of land, key consumption market it has made the Industrial area in Farukhnagar an epicentre.

Farukhnagar has evolved into an excellent automobile hub with manufacturing sites of a lot of automobile companies like Honda, Denso, Bajaj Auto, Hero Motors, Maruti group amongst others.

Because of its proximity to the upcoming KMP Expressway and Dwarka Expressway, it has by default one of the first choice for local logistics and warehouses. The industrial area serves to consolidate the industrial footprint in the north of the country.

Reliance MET Project

One such project is the Reliance MET Project that is the Model Economic Township Limited Project. It was started by Reliance in the industrial area in Farukhnagar due to its proximity to the NCR Delhi. This project is situated in Jhajjar districts and Gurgoan district covering the Farukhnagar Industrial Area in Haryana, both of which are industrially backwards and in the process of getting commercially evolved.

The project covers thirty revenue villages 22 of which are in the Jhajjar district while the rest 8 are in Gurgoan district including the Industrial Area in Farukhnagar.

Why was Farukhnagar Industrial area selected for this project?

  1. Being part of the National Capital Region sharing a border with Delhi which has very high connectivity not only in the country but also worldwide.
  2. Lying within the Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor Project’s influence area, it is well connected with the Dedicated Freight Corridor.
  3. The industrial area has been declared as an Urban area from utilizing the various provisions of urban facilities provided to the area.
  4. The project is covered by Farukhnagar Development Plan Area in the South.

More such advantages

Due to emerging employment opportunities in the Industrial Area, the locals in and around Farukhnagar are also getting job opportunities. The area has a lot of logistics and warehouses need in the Industrial area. Hence, the places that are not in use are being developed into those warehouses. While others are being leased out by the locals to earn a handsome amount.

 Along with this, a lot of companies are buying outlands and constructing their warehouses for their goods or leasing out their warehouses for some extra income. The warehouses are equipped with a state-of-the-art facility backed by highly trained manpower, custom-made design to suit the customer’s needs, and world-class safety standards.

Farukhnagar, however, has no direct rail connectivity. The only connection by rail is from Gurgoan. But, the state government has taken the initiative to get the rail network developed as it would mean more business to the industrial area.

A lot of warehouses are available for lease with lease range starting from one lakhs ranging to a crore. These warehouses are fully equipped depending upon the range and budget, especially with sewerage plants, power backup, water and electricity, and security services for the smooth functioning of any business ought to be taking place there.

Giants such Flipkart, Hero Motors, Honda, and many more have leased out warehouses in the industrial area of Farukhnagar to boom their business and not lag in the race. A lot of premium commercial plots of varied sizes with planned strategic locations within the licensed industrial area of Farukhnagar are readily available. These plots are meant both for residential as well as commercial purposes.

These residential plots are planned to accommodate affordability at various levels. This will make the industrial area a smart space to live for all skill sets of individuals. The colonies are planned to strengthen the concept of the “walk to work” concept.

Warburg Pincus private equity and Embassy Group’s joint venture Embassy Industrial Parks acquired a 110-acre land parcel in the industrial area in Farrukhnagar. The industrial and warehousing company already leased out 1 million sq ft of this proposed development. Hence the development of the industrial area is also being developed to become a township.

These industrial giants invest a good part of the equity capital being generated in the industrial area. This ensures the further development of the industrial area of Farukhnagar that will create better investment opportunities. Hopefully, this industrial growth makes the Farukhnagar a world-class industrial area and one of the best to invest it. The Emerging Industrial Area of Farukhnagar

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