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Reliance MET Plots,   Real estate investment is one of the best ways to ensure you get more return out of your venture. The real estate market of India is one of the most promising up and coming sectors for in the economy- more so than gold or mutual funds. While it may have taken a hit in the past few years, its growth is commendable, with a constant demand for plots to buy and rent.

One of the main reasons for the growth in Indian real estate investment is due to the rapid urbanization of cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Gurgaon and others. Buying properties on sale in Gurgaon or even renting properties in Gurgaon can assure you favourable returns on your capital spending. Furthermore, buying a property in one of these cities is an excellent way to warrant a second form of income since these cities see an influx of relocation by people looking for better opportunities and therefore, also seeing a rise in acquisition of land to build on or rent.

While investing in the land may be the current fad, there is a lot that goes into. For starters, you should always evaluate the land purchase. This means that before procuring the land, you should spend a significant amount of time on research. Learning everything you can about the economy, the purchasing process and the legal procedure is very important before you invest in such a big decision. More often than not, first-time buyers can be lured in through deals on lots, without information on the ownership history, property taxes or other facilities. Understand your method of financing. Decide if you would prefer to pay with you want to do it by cash or mortgage. Go on financial websites, read economic newspapers and learn about the conventional loan options available.

It is important to realize that land is a limited resource. It is a relatively inexpensive investment as well as a hands-off investment – which means there is no requirement to renovate, renew or refurbish.

There are a few types of land you can actively buy or rent, and they are:

  • Residential Real Estate is developed for people to live in and includes any buildings or resources on the land. It is not used for commercial or industrial purposes, and the restrictions vary from place to place.
  • Commercial Real Estate is a property that is used exclusively for business purposes or acts as a workspace, in contrast, to living there. More often than not, these spaces are leased to tenants who own businesses and can range from a retailer’s workshop to a strip mall.
  • Industrial Real Estate means manufacturing buildings and properties that are used for production, storage or research. It is different from a commercial space in the terms that the products are actually created here instead of simply acting as distributors.

Now a warehouse space falls under commercial as well as industrial real estate since there’s a variety of things that require a warehouse. But with real estate, there are always two options on how you procure your property- through rent or by buying it. The article asses the different pros to each option and they are given below.

Renting a Warehouse Space

There are generally more warehouses spaces to rent than to buy on the market. This means there is more flexibility for the renters to choose a location, size and other things that might affect the progress and accessibility of their business.

For example- if your business originally originated in a small town but is on the move to expand to somewhere more commercial like Gurgaon, it is much easier to rent warehouse land in Gurgaon or near it than to buy one. This way, you are not tied down to the building and can move as the business expands.

There is the matter of rent to be paid, but the money will be paid in instalments instead of you having to pay all of it at one go. Along with that, your business won’t have to pay for the repairs, renovations or refurbishments- which saves time as well as money.

Buying a Warehouse Space

Another option in obtaining a warehouse space is buying it. If you choose to buy the warehouse for your own business, you have the freedom to modify the structure according to the needs and aesthetic of your business. This would lead to you creating a better headspace for yourself as well as the team, even leading to more profitability.

Another advantage of buying is that you can expand as you wish, according to the growth of your business, which is impossible if you have a landlord or rental system. You also never have to worry about the increase in rent.

Apart from that, if you choose to rent out space after purchasing it, you are very likely to get a second, steady income. Accordingly, commercial tenants are much better than those in the residential market and you are guaranteed a longer lease.

There are a few factors you should take care of while deciding on a location after you have decided on whether to rent or purchase your warehouse land. In this article, we will take an ongoing example of Gurgaon since the city comes with an array of advantages that one should look into thoroughly before choosing to buy or rent warehouse plots in Gurgaon.

The Type of City-

Gurgaon is an up and coming smart city which also happens to be a leading financial and industrial hub. Gurgaon is a good location to buy or rent warehouse plots because of its proximity to a lot of prominent and prestigious businesses involving cars, software development, telecommunication and much more. The category of ready-made garments has also shown growth categorically in the industrial area of Udyog Vihar. Reliance MET Plots

The Connectivity-

It makes sense to choose a plot for a logistics hub in this city since the city is near Delhi but not as crowded, yet. There are a lot of businesses currently located in the city as well as businesses planning to set up in the city- which will assuredly lead to an influx of the working class. Reliance MET Plots

Resources Available-

Buying a warehouse plot in Gurgaon is a good idea for another reason since your business will have an ample supply of electricity, water and public transportation facilities. Along with close access to next door cafes, co-working spaces and restaurants which are quite feasible for meetings. Reliance MET Plots


If you’re looking to diversify and grow your business, a well-located commercial/industrial property might just be a good addition. All you need to do is make sure that you go through all the risks and rewards with due diligence and understand exactly what you will be getting into! Reliance MET Plots

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