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Call to know more at 9650389757 or visit our portal: www.aquarock.inTo make Jhajjar, an economically backward district in Haryana, India, one of the most sought after industrial regions, the MET, that is, Model Economic Township Limited, a full subsidiary of Reliance, came up with the idea of Reliance Met Jhajjar. Through this program, the town of Jhajjar is being transformed into an industrial town with a modern framework. The Government of Haryana has granted its permission to set up Jhajjar as an industrial town, along with adjoining areas of Gurgaon, amounting to about 8250 acres of land. With facilities like good railway connectivity, road connectivity because of the presence of numerous highways and other infrastructural facilities, the plots available here are being sold quickly to numerous giants in the fields of technologies and other businesses. It is exactly located along the west border of Delhi and Haryana. Currently, under development, the Reliance MET Plots have become the talk of the industrial town as the process of setting up the best possible infrastructure continues. Reliance has planned a coherence of Residential, commercial, industrial and recreational township. Reliance MET Industrial Plots Jhajjar


The area for the Reliance MET Jhajjar project includes 30 revenue villages. 22 of these villages lie in the Jhajjar district while the other 8 are situated in Gurgaon, the approximate population of the villages in Jhajjar being 48,471, as per the 2011 census. Having rigid demography, the villages can provide for a huge force of labour for these industries. This project is not only bringing up the industrial scenario in India but is also going to open a huge window for job opportunities and reduce unemployment in the country.

Other aspects that make this land desirable for an industrial venture is that the land lies 215m above MSL or Mean Sea Level. The heavy presence of alluvial soil and dunes are the cause of about 1m of the elevation difference in the land. The soil is capable of carrying the immense load and the hydraulic declivity of the water, very calm. The land is otherwise pretty flat, which is perfectly suitable for establishing industries.


  • Residential flats MET has planned a self-fulfilled integrated township and plans to accommodate amazing individuals to work and enjoy
  • Commercial plotsCommercial plots will fulfil the needs of residential retail markets and Industrial wholesale markets.
  • Industrial plots Land will be given for factories and industries to dwell.
  • Logistic Hub Land for the creation of the siding and logistic park is readily already available which has strong connectivity to markets and big cities.
  • Recreational Park MET would be a perfect location for recreational destinations like theme parks and water parks.


  1. Supply of Electricity- Haryana, with its determination to become a power sufficient state, will be distributing power to these plots from a State Distribution Grid. Connected to the national grid, the project will be provided with 220 VK GIS substations, providing uninterrupted high-quality power.
  • Supply of Gas- Gas Authority of India Limited (GAIL) has taken up the responsibility to supply gas through a pipeline connecting the Reliance industrial plot in the IMT Manesar area to fulfil the gas requirements.
  • Supply of Water-  Water will be supplied through canals and Water supply channels like Gurgaon Water Supply Channel and NCR Water Supply Channel that will meet the water needs. These channels will ensure 24×7 days availability of water. A nature-friendly disposal system is also promised by CETP & STP.


  1. By RoadKundli Manesar Palwal (KMP) expressway ensures smooth road connectivity with easy and secure yard access. The project is also linked with all National Highways like NH-2, NH-8, NH-71, NH-10 in the NCR which allows feasible transport between major cities like Delhi, Gurgaon, Manesar, Faridabad, Noida, Daruhera. The roads are well built and connected to the project area.
  • By Railways- There is smooth rail connectivity to the Northern Railway line. The project is linked to the Dedicated Freight Corridor (DFC) of Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC) which provides easy access to the market for trading goods. The Private Freight Terminal (PFT) will be eased by the development of DFC and DMIC which, in turn, will help the industrialists. This makes the project site the best place to set your factory. Reliance MET Industrial Plots Jhajjar
  • By Air- Air connectivity is ensured through Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGI) in Delhi. The airport is about 45 minutes from the industrial plots via SH-15A and NH-8 highways. The plan also includes reducing this distance to 30km after the construction of Northern Peripheral Road/ Dwarka Expressway. Goods can be easily distributed and marketed from the township


  • The purchasing power of people and huge wholesale and retail markets near the area makes this an ideal location for industrial setup.
  • Areas around the project have always been renowned among big industrialists.
  • Reliance has developed the plots with the best infrastructure and transportation facilities hence you get a chance to avail of the best facilities.
  • Infrastructure like big roads, good electricity facilities, transformers, water supply, strong connectivity to big cities, etc is provided for the smooth functioning of your business.
  • Offers a balance between work life and social life as a dynamic means of recreation are available.
  • It has prioritized environmental protection and also paid attention to overcrowding for sustainable development of the new growing city.
  • All major resources are available near the factory land.
  • It has all the mandatory components required for a township with perfect residential and social infrastructure.
  • The location is a flatland, it offers feasible and quick transportation facilities as well as immediate and strong infrastructure.
  • There is AIIMS hospital, Medical college, Sehwag international school and other educational and health facilities nearby.
  • There is a special emphasis on improved solid-waste management policies for this project.


  • Footwear Park
  • Electronics Manufacturing Cluster (EMC)
  • Food Park
  • Textile & Apparel Park
  • General Engineering Park


  • Panasonic (Japan) -has set up a techno Park.
  • Reliance Retail – Setting up its National Distribution Centre For North India.
  • Denso (Japan) – Established 18 acres.
  • Indospace (a PE Fund)- Setting up a Ware Housing cum Industrial Park.


 The plot plans of the project are listed below, relying upon plot price and size. 

  •  2000 Sqm at the cost of 9000/ – at Rs. 1.80 Crore
  •  1 Acre at the cost of 8100/ – at Rs. 3.27 Crore
  •  3 Acres at the cost of 7200/ – Rs. 8.74 Crore
  • 5 Acres at the cost of 7200/ – Rs 14.57 Crore

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