Reliance Industrial Plot In Gurgaon

Reliance Industrial Plots In Gurgaon

Reliance Industrial Plot In Gurgaon: RelianceIndustrial Properties in Gurgaon are available at a competitive rate. People are ready to invest more in almost all the nearby cities of Gurgaon.

Reliance Industrial Plots square measure a part of Model Economic territorial division restricted, 100 per cent subsidiary of Reliance Industries restricted the most important Indian company within the personal sector. Reliance MET Jhajjar is engaged within the development of Associate in Nursing Integrated Industrial territorial division on superhighway 15-A close to Farukhhnagar city, Haryana. The whole territorial division is touch 8000 acres of that we’ve received a license from Haryana Govt. to develop 1700 acres. The anchor industries square measure Panasonic, Denso, and Bati North and that we have until date sold over one thousand acres to 180+ industrial units and to two supply parks, of that durable goods, Plastics, automotive vehicle elements General Engg and footwear sectors dominate.

Features of Reliance Plot In Gurgaon:

  • Creation of 220 kilovolt GIS substations for reliable power within the MET
  • 100 MLD surface water from NCR Channel can guarantee the convenience of water
  • CETP & STP can guarantee an atmosphere friendly disposal system
  • Located within the NCR, guarantee the convenience of ability set hands
  • Private Freight Terminal (PFT) can benefit from the coming DFC
  • DFC, DMIC, and also the KMP thruway can enhance core infrastructure and make complementary economic activities
  • World category Infrastructure, Residential, business & Social Infrastructure

Infrastructure of Reliance Plot:

Power – Power needs are met from the State distribution grid. Haryana state is sharply on a mission to turning into an influence decent state. The project can establish 220 potential unit GIS substations, as these area unit connected to the national grid, thus making certain smart dependableness of power.
Water – the Govt has approved allocation of water from the recently made NCR Channel for the MET Project. Work to bring this surface water is afoot. Until such time the surface water reaches the realm, offer are met through abstraction of H2O already approved by the CGWA, Govt. of India.
Gas – A pipeline has been set by the Gas Authority of India restricted (GAIL) connecting to the MET space to fulfill gas demand for industrial use.

How Aquarock Helps the Clients:

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