Positive Impact of COVID19 On Indian Industrial Real estate

Indian Industrial Real estate

Positive Impact of COVID19 On Indian Industrial Real Estate: Reliance Industrial Plots – Seashore of Opportunities in Gurgaon & Delhi NCR

With the onset of COVID – 19 outbursts, has affected the industries and trade globally and hence put a sole impact on the industrial plots and industrial lands comprising whole real estate market of India as well. The novel disease has crossed its origin point China so far and now fenced the globe completely.

In India, current advisories have restricted travelling all around which may lead to postponement in the decisions on industrial real estate space take up in short term, but the long term impact remain unknown as the time period for the assimilation of this crisis is not confirmed yet. Due to the pandemic many restrictions has been imposed by the Government to cope up with this crisis. On the reprieve to the investors, Reliance Industrial Plots and Lands for sale and rental near Delhi-NCR is underlining yet by its promising topographies and services.

Nevertheless, keeping in mind the candid disaster Confederation of Real Estate Developers Association of India (CREDAI) has released couple of policy relief statement:

  • Under Section 6 of the RERA inclusion of Covid – 19 is as a force majeure condition.
  • Registration Period should be extended by at least One Year.
  • Additional funds requirement on the same terms so as to meet the increased cost on the existing loans from the financial institutions.
  • Loans by real estate developers not to be classified as NPA in case of default interest or principal repayment.

Moreover, National Association of Real Estate Developers Council (NAREDCO) has requested the government to allow construction work at project sites under the safety measures so as to keep the Indian Real Estate financial stability at par, and also to minimize the losses before the onset of the monsoon. The real estate contributes 13% of the national GDP and may become the third largest globally at USD 1 trillion by 2030, hence may face a heavy impact of this ongoing crisis.

However, on analyzing the current situation, by having Reliance Met Industrial Plots, proving the Cheapest Industrial Plots around Delhi NCR and thus India will be less affected or in a less precarious situation only if by striking correct steps and decisions balancing the health and economy. Not to forget that India has also witnessed many more deadly epidemics than COVID – 19 before and WE HAVE BOUNCED BACK EFFICACIOUSLY.  Some of the positive surface can be listed here under:

Real Estate Continue an Attractive Asset Course for Long Term Perspective

Real Estate has experienced the investment fluctuation since long still real estate endures to offer decent risk adjusted returns in comparison to that of other asset classes in correlation. The divergence of this advantageous portfolio of Infra sector, leads the more investment assuring the long term ended benefits even being facing more and more financial fluctuations.

  • Industrial Plots at Reliance Met undoubtedly an eye catcher and one of the most profitable aspects at present as industrial segments always been moneymaking venture.
  • Government and real estate mutual coordination and bond yield more significant outcomes in future for the investors, as finding the real estate one of the biggest profit architect in Indian economy.

A Better Opportunity for the Investors | Positive Impact of COVID19 On Indian Industrial Real estate

  • By lacking in trust, many of the Chinese ventures going to pack the baggage and will move back to their home town, this will indeed open numerous ways of prolific investments in Industrial Lands and Cheapest Industrial Plots near Delhi NCR.
  • Companies preferring large-scale production, supply chain, and operational friendly government are looking at India than that of China. Hence, coming future will be of bundle of opportunities and profits by going for the Industrial Lands nearby Delhi NCR.
  • This will create a better opportunity for the Indian Industries and businesses to develop to the shiniest phase. Hence, an investment at this time in the Industrial Plots will be the brainy decision.
  • A more trustworthy and cheaper labor in comparison to other countries will be an added highpoint to investing in Industrial Plots and Landsat Reliance MET in Delhi NCR.
  • Lessen the wages with increased revenues is another feature to go for Reliance MET Industrial Plots at Cheapest Price.
  • To enjoy the long lasting investment benefits one must grab the Cheapest Industrial Plots in Delhi Region.

Real Estate – The Safe Shelter | Positive Impact of COVID19 On Indian Industrial Real estate

As analyzed and presumed, in the mid-term, the real estate would be pivoted with the big volume investment in Reliance MET Industrial Plots at Cheapest Price, as being the safest tool of investment. The Government also taking care of all the possible prospects, ensuring the stability of real estate:

  • Encouraging Make-in-India Program, Indian Government has slashed corporate rate tax to 25.17% from 35%, which assuredly attract global companies to India setting up their workshops & Offices
  • India’s largest state Uttar Pradesh also offering incentives to the companies to shift from China. This will lead a huge requirement of Industrial Lands on sale or rental in nearby regions.
  • Since real estate contributes 13% of national GDP, hence Government ensures certain relaxations in specific regulations and deadlines, so as to facilitate builders to accomplish their commitments.
  • Under RBI guidance, Banks are allowed to declare a three month standstill on every loan outstanding and on working capital also as on March1, 2020.
  • As per the notification issued by Ministry of Corporate Affairs dated March24, 2020, the default limit has been increased from INR 1 Lakh to INR 1 Crore under Section 4 of the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016.
  • The completion date and revised completion date, the period of validity of such projects has been extended by the State Governments Individually in accordance with RERA, in order to meet the smooth capital flow and to resolve the timeline issues subsequently.

Price Reaction and Flexible Space Demand

As per National Real Estate Development Council (NAREDCO) statement, not so major changes can be foreseen primarily. “Prices will remain unchanged at par….” As stated by many infra experts and developers. Although the market scenario is bit challenging for some time and all the possible safe ways have already been factored comprising discount, timeline relaxation and others into current pricing.

Balancing the Stock Market

Though Industrial Real Estate has been the jewel in the crown till now, but somehow the pandemic has affected it harsh, as it might show a little deflation in investment. Worldwide, the stock market took a huge flip. In India, Sensex, Nifty has dropped the stock market as already it has witnessed a lower graph of 4.7% in 2019.

However, the real estate is quite far different to the stock market. Though it is also moving slower and facing fluctuation, yet it will show the comprehensive market trend and will set new benchmark price, so as to balance the overall market trend and the economy both.

In-spite of being somehow bit tapered in asset price crash in short term investments, the industrial real estate flared the optimism in boosting up the business. The industrial real estate leasing will still find uncrushed because of prospering with long term ventures by number of national and international organizations, helping in the constructive  India growth line.  Henceforth, in this uncertain projection the Indian Real Estate also found the golden opportunity by benefiting with increased construction, and aboriginal modernization.

Hence, it could be stated that in this huge pandemic where the world went for the wait and watch phase, they also looking towards India making its onus to contain its outbreak and give a better solution and hope to the world.

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