Mesmerizing Project of Reliance MET Near Manesar

Mesmerizing Project of Reliance MET near Manesar

Mesmerizing Project of Reliance MET near Manesar

Is your shopping market a little away like, 5 km from your house and you decide to buy your groceries only when you go in that way? Or, Do your kids have to go to school by bus or van, and you got to pay them extra for that? Are you confused to buy industrial plots in Reliance MET? Well, its time to say bye-bye to your distance and complicated life.

Why is Reliance MET one of the most desired investment?

Cause, the Reliance MET is nothing but a Model Economic Township Limited that was established in October 2006. It is said to be a 100% subsidiary of Reliance Industries Limited. The recent engagements tell us that they are onto the development of Model Township in Jhajjar district of the state of Haryana along with Manesar. Moreover, it got approvals for the Industrial Model Township framework in the adjacent areas of Gurgaon. In the same areas, Reliance MET owns about 8250 acres.

MET will charm and serve the best of individuals with work, stay, while they live and enjoy the resident and its developments on various levels of affordability. This makes their living smart and spacious for all types of individuals.

MET projects are envisioned as a thoroughly self-sustained integrated industrial township and will have industry groups, including Domestic Tariff Areas and SEZs with the supporting infrastructure of a logistics hub, along with rail and road connectivity and social infrastructure. The MET includes the following-

  • The Industrial Hub

The License was recently received for an industrial colony and development on an area of 365 acres approximately, which in turn, opens more than 2000 vacant seats for employment. The project was opened under the name of Reliance MET in the city of Gurgaon, for commercial and industrial plots’land with the Builder, Model Economic Township. It is under sale for Rs.9000 per square meter. The whole area covers around 845 acres of project size. The plots are open for development in sizes of standard 1000, 2000 sqm, and 1, 2.5, & 5 acres.

The Industrial Plots is under development, and Footwear Park envisioned over 400 acres is one of the dedicated clusters in an identified zone for the Footwear and Leather industry, with the mega Reliance, MET Plot Project, and overall framework layout. The project covers all the National Highways – NH-2, NH-10, NH-8, NH-71 in the NCR. Two major district roads pass through the project area which is a four-lane median divided roads, connecting Jhajjar in Northwest, Najafgardh in West Delhi, and MDR 136 that connects Bahadurgarh on the North eat along with Gurgaon in the South East.

Modernization of the Transport operation has its own impact on the growth of the Warehousing Industry. The warehousing industry was only concentrated in the down south. With the Reliance MET giving way to warehousing and logistics hub, it increases with more than 50%.

The project intends to shorten the distance between the hottest spot of the nearby cities. For instance, The Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi is about 50 km from the MET via the national highways. Once the industrial construction is over, the distance reduces to 30km. The 2km rail link from the Farrukhnagar Railway station will be extended to a Private Freight Terminal, as it is proposed in the Project Area.

  • Logistic Hub

Any large industrial township requires access to rail networks for safe and quick movement of goods both internationally and domestically. The Engineering Scale Plan (ESP) has been cleared and is approved under the Detailed Project Report (DPR) on clear progress with the Indian Railways. The State Government of the Northern Railways is under acquisition for the land to establish the last mile connectivity to the Northern railways.

For the creation of a siding and logistics park, the land has already been allocated and is available for development. The Electronics Manufacturing Cluster (EMC) is under development as they already started their work on the land along with the Footwear Park. The plans for the General Engineering Park, Food Park, Textile & Apparel Park has already been developed and is ready for furthermore.

Developments at the Reliance MET Plots

In the lands of the Reliance MET, the plots have already been used by certain well-known companies and have resulted in expansion and production already. The future of these plots is looking up for certainty with blooming results.

Panasonic is a company that has a TV, camera productions ongoing, with other electronic gadgets and so. The Japan-based company has set up a large Techno Park for over 74 acres approximately. It is also looking forward to the expansion of its operations. This will open up a large amount of employment and develop our country on an industrial basis.

Denso is another Japan-based who have established their production and company over the lands of the Reliance MET plots. The production covers over 18 acres.

Reliance Retail is also in the process of introducing its National Distribution Center, exclusively for North India. This brings out an enormous development through the commercial and industrial levels.

The Indospace is a PE fund company that is setting up a Ware Housing-cum-Industrial Park for over 110 acres of area at the Reliance MET.

In addition, the location for Reliance MET at the industrially backward districts covers around 30 revenue villages. Additionally, it covers 22 in Jhajjar district and remaining in Gurgaon district. People around the villages are also hardworking and industrious. Girls of the families are making way into education and service sectors.

Unlike some industrial projects in the history, MET project is muffled away from the agricultural areas of the development planned areas of Gurgaon-Manesar, The plans for these areas were recognized and developed carefully as the area was notified as a controlled area. The Government of India also declared the area as an Urban area. The declaration made sure that the area received various urban facilities and its utilizing provisions.

With a 215m land above Mean Sea level, it is found to be fairly flat, and the elevation difference is only about 1m. The hydraulic gradient of the groundwater found in the plots is very refined. With all amenities, the future seems promising with a growth rate of 15% per annum in the next three or four years. The opening up of the jobs with extra points from the infrastructure gives out a healthy lifestyle for people into the Warehousing and Logistics industry.


The biggest highlights of the Reliance MET is that it is easily accessible as industrial plots are open for development. It has successfully handed over Phase 1 Industrial Colony of around 290 acres of land.phase one is about to house the National Cancer Institute and Hospital. Phase 2 is allotted for the leading national institute All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS). It is developed over an area of 300 acres of land in the village of Badsa, along MDR 136 within the MET area.

The Delhi NCR is known to be one of the largest consumer and industrial markets in India. The Reliance Greenfield project is also easy to acquire for an ambitious industrial project. Its developing infrastructure for DFC, DMIC, and the KMP Expressways is an eye-catching deal.

One add-on is that the Reliance Amity is up for ensuring 24*7 continuous power supply. The area is under development still, and one should be recommended to snatch the exclusive deal before. Mesmerizing Project of Reliance MET near Manesar, Mesmerizing Project of Reliance MET near Manesar, Mesmerizing Project of Reliance MET near Manesar

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