Industrial Plots at Reliance MET Real Estate Updates

Mesmerizing Project of Reliance MET near Manesar

Industrial Plots at Reliance MET Real Estate Updates

Covid-19 serves opportunity for increasing India’s exports, should be seen as ‘blessing in disguise’: Nitin Gadkari

blessing in disguise’ for Indian industry

New Delhi: The outbreak of Covid-19 in the country should be seen as a ‘blessing in disguise’ for Indian industry.

And India can emerge as a potential alternative choice for cost-efficient, quality products which are preferred from China, Union minister of road transport and highways and MSME Nitin Gadkari said on Monday.

Big boost to infrastructure projects

Gadkari added that the government is looking to provide a big boost to infrastructure projects in the country, which will help bring liquidity into the markets, and will help accelerate the economy.

“This should be seen as a blessing in disguise,” Gadkari said in a session on post covid entrepreneurship opportunities and challenges organized by Bharatiya Shikshan Mandal.

There are countries like Japan which want to divert their investments in China, Gadkari said.

USA is also looking for allies outside of China

USA is also looking for allies outside of China. The world is thinking in this direction.Naturally, those countries that do not want to deal with China, will look at other countries with potential for quality products at reasonable price,” Gadkari said. “India has that potential,” he said.

Bring large-scale foreign investments in India
We can bring large-scale foreign investments in the country to manufacture innovative products, which will help increase our exports,” Gadkari said, adding that all government departments are working in this direction.

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Ensuring that hygiene and social distancing

Talking about the current lockdown in the country in light of the pandemic, Gadkari said that the government will look at a measured approach in opening up industries, while ensuring that hygiene and social distancing are given utmost priority.

“Closing the economy is an issue. We need to see how long the country can bear the impact of lockdown,” Gadkari said. “We will slowly open these units for which the government has issued guiding principles, and ensure that these are safe for conditions of workers ,” he said.


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