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The Exponential Growth of Industrial Plots In Manesar?

Every day we hear that there is a new industry setup around Gurgaon/Manesar, isn’t it? But what makes people buy industrial plot in Manesar only ? Is it the proximity to Gurgaon? or Is it the vast availability of land? or Is it because that terrain is best for building factories and industries?

To answer your question, Yes! It’s all of the reasons mentioned above and more! Manesar is the most preferred areas to buy an industrial plot because the districts under it have the most readily available land in the northern region. Unlike the industrial area in Delhi, which is congested and because of the surroundings, residential housing, rents are skyrocketing. It also takes ages for the land-owners to get permit and approvals from the Government. However, it’s the opposite here in Manesar. Gurgaon and Manesar are the prime locations to buy any industrial plot in manesar, no matter if you’re just starting, or a manufacturer, Manesar is the place to own land!

In this article, we’ll bring you closer to all the prospects available to build your factories on. This article will not only share options but will bring forth thorough research about these plots.

  • 22066.02 Sq. ft Industrial Plot in Manesar

This land is at a prime location due to its proximity to Gurgaon. Apart from that, the land is resalable, making it easy to put it on the market in case you wish to sell it off after some years. It is Govt. Approved industrial area, with all the licenses and permits in place. On top of that, you get essential amenities like water storage, visitor parking and waste disposal available.

Address: Reliance MET near IMT Manesar, Gurgaon

It’s approximately 30km from Hero Honda Chowk, Gurgaon and almost 8km from KMP expressway! You are connected to both these ways. Apart from that, it’s in proximity with Rockland Hospital, Manesar and other global brands have their offices set up in the neighbouring areas like HCL, Airtel, Mankind, etc.

About the seller: Aquarock Property Consultants, Pt. Ltd.

Their motto is solid transparency, as indicated by their name, ‘Aquarock’. The charge zero advisory fees for pre and post advisory services! Their excellent team of Iitians and Cas make it possible for you to close the best real estate deals. 

You get a huge space to construct your factory or industry, and there is no restriction on the number of floors you wish to build. This property is also resalable, making it easier for you in future to let go off it. However, it’s leasable, which means the owner would own a small portion of the land, and you would then have to pay the rent lease. You might not be only owners, but the chunk owned by the owner would not be much just a few sq. ft of the vast 175112.81 sq. ft.

Address: IMT Manesar, Gurgaon

What are the amenities available? Well, you get water storage, waste disposal, security personnel, rainwater harvesting and also servant quarters. Moreover, it has connectivity with the main road. What more can one ask for?

Nothing’s better than a ready to move-in land, right? Well, that’s what you are getting with this plot apart from other amenities. It’s a resalable property with no leasehold making you the only owner of this land.

Address: Sector -8, IMT Manesar, Gurgaon

The location is excellent, with good hospitality, big industry names with the branches situated nearby this land. Transport facility is good as well in case you wish to set up a factory; your workers will find it easy to commute too!

One of the biggest benefits of this plot is that it’s been newly put on the market. The owner is providing full ownership of the land with any leasehold agreement. The location is facing the main road of Manesar, increasing its reach and access to transportation or commute facilities.

Address: HIIDC SITE, Manesar

The location is great to set up an industrial building, mainly office complex and then, to set it up on lease to come and use the space as an available office space. There is also greenery around the area, adding to its beauty.

This property is mainly up for factory purpose. It would be an already constructed factory, slightly better if you wanted to build one. You also get full ownership of this land, apart from that, it’s a five-storey building. It also has a carpet area of 1,10,000 sq. ft! It also comes with a pre-installed lift and a parking facility. 

Address: IMT Manesar, Gurgaon

It is available for quick possession along with water and power supply available too. The location also has a hospital in almost 5km of the plot. This location is certainly in high demand due to the factor that most industries, big shot names are planning to shift their bases to Manesar due to, increase in Residential Real Estate in Gurgaon.

  • 1 Acre Industrial Plot in Manesar

This is one property you would not want to let go off. It has nearly all the basic requirements in place, with a Hospital, ATMs, railway station, school and Shopping mall near this land. Thus, making it a desirable investment! The land is fully resalable, and you can get immediate possession.

Address: IMT Manesar, Gurgaon

The location provides you with all the fundamental things you need in the locality. The bonus- to set up an industry one acre of land is probably one of the largest areas you’ll find available. With almost 14000 sq. ft build-up land available to the owner.


These are all fantastic properties, and if not grabbed in time, you might lose the best deals on them. However, whenever it comes to buying property or Industrial Property, you are aware of the Dos and Don’ts of this business. Selling of property is rather easy than buying it because as a buyer, you have to consider a few critical factors.

The main one is to have done thorough research about the property, its owners and its future value. Future value helps ensure that it is not a dead property it can still be resold if put on the market. You certainly do not want to be owners of a property which fetches you zero return or instead demands more investment due to its lack of saleability.

Another critical factor is the amenities that come along with the land like water, electricity, boundary wall, etc. Why are these important? Because when you seek to install a factory, one of the foundations of is electricity. If there is no provision, the process to get permits is rather tedious and have working electricity cables laid around the land becomes a tremendous task.

The other factor is the history of the land. Be positive, that the property is not disputed or under any pending cases. Ensuring this would give you great relief as disputed property can turn into a real estate nightmare and nobody wants that for themselves. If all these factors seem agreeable, you’re good to go.

You can buy your dream industrial land in Manesar because other than Gurgaon and its district there is no other place you would rather be when wanting to set up your industry!

Manesar brings you everything and with property rates that affordable you can’t think of any other place to start your industrial venture. 

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