The Exponential Growth of Industrial Plots In Manesar?

Have you ever wondered why the Industrial Plot for sale in Manesar have so much value? Why people prefer setting up companies in Manesar? Why are the industrial plots in IMT Manesar having a booming period? Well, here we are going to make an addition to your existing knowledge and make you aware of the Industrial Plots for Sale in Manesar.

In this era of industrialization, every company and business here is looking for expansion. It is always a challenge to test your limits and push yourself higher towards your potential. In this process, companies are always on a lookout for a new plot.

For buyers, there is huge flexibility, higher appreciation and easy exit options. The real estate business is no more murky as it used to be in the past due to the leading names entering the market.

When a company decides to invest in a land, it is always a big decision. This is considered as a big decision because the plot that industry buys are always large. The investment is always big and in large quantity, and also in addition to this, the investment is going to be for the long term. And hence this is the reason it is a big decision for companies to invest in any kind of land.

In the last decade, for your information, the market size was expected to increase at a Compound Annual Growth Rate(CAGR) of 11.2%. It has started its development by doing so. India ranks fourth in developing Asia for FDI inflows as per the World Investment Report 2016 by the United Nations Conference for Trade and Development.

You’ll be surprised to know that there are various types of industrial land. Following are the types of industrial lands:

  1. Warehouse and distribution buildings
  2. Industrial Lands
  3. Flex buildings
  4. Factory units
  5. Refrigeration and cold storage warehouse

Let’s know some things about Manesar as an Industrial city. The Industrial Model Township in Manesar is given a name called “Integrated Manesar Township” which was a joint venture of the Haryana Government and a Japanese Company. However, later in 1997, it was taken up by HSIIDC to develop these Industrial Plot for sale in Manesar . It is situated along the National Highway 8 that links Jaipur and Delhi.

Manesar was a small village with just 1000 dwellings on the NH8 highway. However, since the nineties, it has transformed into this whole new base for industries with such great industrial plots. With proximity to developing cities like Delhi and Gurgaon, Manesar has quite a great advantage. It is just 40 minutes away from Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport.

IMT has been built up in four phases, each of which is given to certain companies. The Phase I is of 1750 acres, Phase II in 180 acres, and phase IV in 650 acres. The Maruti Udyog has been allocated Phase III of 600 acres for its expansion project. The IMT Manesar is like a dream come true with its modern amenities. It offers amenities like telecommunications, 220 kV Substation, water supply, schools, roads, sewage systems, health care centres, shopping arcades, etc. The area is very self-sufficient.

These lands are very specific to their purpose. Investing in industrial land has its advantages. They are as follows: 

Analyzing the current scenario of the real estate business, we all know that lands have a potential appreciation in the price of about 5-20%. Hence you are definitely in for a profit when you resale the property. In addition to the appreciation of the land, the rentals also yield a very high amount. This amount can be incurred for a very long term according to your wish. Another potential business on such lands is starting a warehouse or storage facility for other companies. You will earn even more rentals if you rent this to companies.

Special approval is required for setting up an industrial facility anywhere in India. The following permission is to be taken from the Industrial Development Corporation(IDC). You’ll have to pay an extra premium based on the terms of IDC.

Every investor knows that the higher the risk higher the return. But one of the greatest risks in investing in land is that it’s difficult to get tenants. Also, there’s always a huge responsibility of keeping the land secured and safe. The process of hunting for tenants is one hard job. Exactly to ease up your task, there are industrial real estate agents that help you get through this.

To your surprise, many of your major expenses are met by the rentals you yield from the tenants. The major cash inflows meet your property tax, water tax, and security expenses by the tenants.

The long lease periods will give you fixed income throughout your life. The lease are usually for 99 years at least. This means that you don’t have to worry about all your life as you’ll be getting a fixed income.

The rate of return that you’ll receive on these lands is way higher than any residential and commercial properties. And also the price of the plot will keep on increasing yearly at a rate of 7-10%.

Pros and cons of investing in the Industrial Plot for sale in Manesar :


  • High job prospects with increasing employments
  • The higher growth rate of the industry
  • All basic amenities at your doorstep
  • Transportation facilities on the mark
  • Availability of warehouse facilities
  • Huge cost-cutting


  • The continuously rising demands of the companies and industries but lack of supply
  • Negligence of resources like water, electricity, proper waste management system
  • The disrupted ecological and economic balance

People failed to recognize the value of this place in the last year of 2018. However, it has surpassed everyone’s expectations. The new arrival of India’s first eco-city has boosted its value out of the roof. Yes, IMT is set to be the first eco-city that is modelled on Japan’s Yokohama and Kitakyushu. This new change will help the companies in IMT to maximize industrial production and reduce industrial waste. This has been a joint venture of the Ministry of Trade and Industry(MEIT), Japan, the DMIC and the HSIDC. This is just the exact USP the Industrial Property Dealers need to sell Industrial Plots in Manesar.

The highlight of this eco-city is:

  • Implementation of 2Rs namely, Recycling and Re-Use of Industrial waste.
  • It is concentrated on the health and safety of the labours and occupants.
  • Improvement of the infrastructure in terms of electricity, water, and intra-city transport.

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