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Industrial Area In Delhi NCR, Delhi is the most vital commercial capital of India and is one of the most imperative commercial capitals of Asia. When it comes to the contribution of the service industry, then it is the most substantial chunk with relation to State Domestic Product (SDP) which is about 70% and is followed by manufacturing and then agriculture which would be 3.85%.

There are so many sectors when it comes to industries in Delhi and Gurgaon, and the most important ones would be Information Technology, telecommunications, Media, Hotels, Tourism as well as Banking. Many manufacturing industries have spread into consumer goods industries and have also established manufacturing units along with offices in Delhi and Gurgaon.

Rapidly, Gurgaon is becoming one of the fastest-growing industrial and commercial places with plots in Delhi. Also, not just local companies, with the consumer market and the skilled labourers who are available in abundant, foreign companies are attracted too. Many international and foreign companies are slowly investing and helping with the expanding of the industrial sector in Delhi.

The Delhi State Industrial Development Corporation has played a vital role when it comes to the growth of the industrial sector of Delhi. The main objective of DSIDC is:

  • This was done to aid the interest of the industries of the Union Territory of Delhi. To counsel, assist, and finance as well as in protecting and promoting them. Plots in Delhi are available so that various industries could set up their headquarters.
  • So that procurement, as well as the division of raw materials, could be done without any disadvantage.
  • Small industries would be able to benefit from the marketing facilities and would be able to acquire land, to develop it according to the contemporary requirements and necessities.
  • It would also help with the coordination between industries, whether it is a small scale one or a big industry with international headquarters and skilled professionals.
  • It would help in the development of land and the industry and also with the development of operational schemes for Delhi industries. This would help extensively in improvising workforce as it would not only help with the local development, but manpower data could be exported in the foreign countries as well.

Delhi has a huge workforce which is approximately 33%, and when it comes to the unemployment rate, then it would be the lowest in the country, which is about 5%. The pillars of Delhi’s economy would be the telecommunications, construction, power and real estate. Gurgaon is gaining a lot of employment and seems to be playing a crucial role in helping with the development as more and more people are migrating to Delhi and Gurgaon, Faridabad in search of quality job and employment.

For Delhi industrialisation and its efficiency, the credit would surely go to the considerable consumer market along with professional and skilled labour. The right professional qualification for every sector and job. The rise in jobs and disposable income has contributed to such growth as well.  

Top Areas for Commercial Property in Gurgaon and Delhi (NCR)

Delhi is the second most productive metro after Mumbai but would soon become first on the list. The recent real estate boom has led to massive growth in the industrial and the commercial sector. With an expanding increase in various factors, Delhi is attracting more and more talent from all over the country.

Delhi being the capital, has its perks that the people get to enjoy including reliable infrastructure. The roads help with the smooth traffic flow and with the recent development, here is a list of all the places that could give an idea for job seekers and land for sale near me which would help the people in finding a job and soon would be becoming one of the most ideal places to venture and invest. 

  • Vasant Kunj: Vasant Kunj is one of the most prominent places that you would find in Delhi, and it in itself is a world. With commercial and residential locations, this would be the best place where you could think about seeking jobs. It is at a distance of 5.6km from the airport and is well connected to different parts of Delhi via metro.
  • Dwarka: This is an area which is situated in South West Delhi and is the administrative headquarters of South West Delhi. The second diplomatic enclave for 38 countries, this is one of the most sought after places when looking for residency. You would find 80% of the land being used for residential purpose and 20% for commercial.
  • Mayur Vihar: Citizens belonging to different walks of life live together in this residential area with harmony, and respect for another. Also, the government has allocated lands to the public sector employees such as BHEL.
  • Udyog Vihar: When it comes to office spaces in Gurgaon, this was an early bird and is therefore highly developed before other places which are still developing. The Haryana government started allocating the land to small scale industries from the very beginning, and now it has become the home of the IT companies and is closely situated to Cyber City which has the offices of Fortune 500 companies located. If someone is looking for a high-profile job in the sectors of IT, energy and automotive companies, then this would be one place which has a lot of options.  
  •  Hauz Khas: If you are into a startup and looking for a break there, then this would be one place which has become the hub for the startup and is the iconic place for the Hauz Khas complex. IIT Delhi being nearby, talent from all over the country is concentrated in the region and can be spotted. With shops, eateries, and many other attractive spots, this makes for one of the best places you can be. 
  • Golf Course Road: Though this is a small area which covers only 6kms, this is one of the places which have so many UT hubs including MNC. This is very close to Faridabad, and the transportation system is well connected. Proximity to the airport and the connectivity to Delhi make it a much sought after, industrial area of Delhi NCR . You would also find top offices in Times Square, one Horizon centre and Vatika Atrium.
  • Cyber CityDLF Phase 2, Gurgaon: This is the most significant tech area that there is in Gurgaon. It was once a sleepy town but is now buzzing with city life and IT hubs, all IT and media companies are concentrated in this area with huge office spaces. With 26 malls and numerous retail stores, it is closest to the Indira Gandhi International Airport, and you can reach any part of Delhi from here, via metro. The commuting via road is smooth as well. You would find the offices of Facebook, Samsung, TCS, Canon, LinkedIn, IBM, Google, and others in Cyber City.
  • Sector 21: This is one of the topmost localities in Delhi, which have excellent connectivity with the different part of Delhi via roads and metro. Also, you would find great infrastructure and everything, including schools, colleges, and markets nearby. With Admiral Technologies, RBS services, Sapient, there are so many companies to explore.
  • Sector 45: This is situated very close to Unitech Cyber Park, which has very well-planned office spaces. And well-planned offices always host a high number of IT companies.
  • Sector 62, Noida: This is a very well-planned city and is segregation of both residential and commercial spaces. It is considered to be the best when thinking about settling in NCR. 

As the malls, the IT hubs and the corporate offices would start fading away: farmland for sale would start from the road to Pataudi, which is a 30km drive off the Sohna road. You would then come across fields, some schools and offices until you reach Hayatpur, the concrete walls when offices would slowly fade replacing to agriculture land.
With the shiny buildings and the economy which is rising day after day, it will soon earn the tag of rising ‘new’ India. Also, India has grown in the past decades as the new engines of growth despite itself. Today, Gurgaon is one such city which has seen more than 70% growth, than it has in the previous decades. The place provides you with not just a job but a place to relax, unwind and lead a simple life after having a hectic day. The area would provide you with not only offices but with malls, shops, cafes and excellent connectivity of transportation both via road as well as the metro. It has more than 1.5 million people living with peace, more than most American cities. It accounts for half of the revenue of the state, Haryana. Real estate with the utmost luxury in different budgets is available. Gurgaon and Delhi have become a roaring engine of industrial growth and shall continue to be. People from the whole country are venturing here in search of jobs and a better, advanced way of living.  Industrial Area In Delhi NCR

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