Don’t Miss This Opportunity

Don’t Miss This Opportunity

Don’t Miss This Opportunity, The most favorable thing about living in Gurgaon (also known as metro city of India ) is the convenience and the growing career opportunities.  The flaunting roads and the wider way of living impress all to actually get an insight for starting or growing your business and standards of living. One such place is booming which is Reliance MET industrial plots in Gurgaon.

Recognizing  the traces , Reliance MET is now introducing “model economic township (MET)” in jhajjar, state which is 45 minutes drive from Gurgaon and 50 min from Delhi.  Merging this industrial enclave known as (MET) is dispersed across 8250 acres in Haryana. The acceptance of   incorporating 220 KV substation and 24hrs of great electricity supply is considerably a great thought where surface water allocation from NCR channel also makes this place more credible.  Apart from these trending entities, the best thing is the KMP express way also known as Western peripheral express way byepassing Delhi provides a great connectivity with NH 2, NH 8 , NH 71 in the Delhi NCR.

Overview of this project.

Distance – Jhajjar (Haryana) – 14 Km 

 The standard sizes of Reliance MET industrial plots are 1000 sqm, 2000 sqm, 1 acre, 2.5 acres & 5 acres. The reliance met cost is Rs. 8100/- per sq. mtr. Since the project is in the intermediate stage where quite a few companies such as Panasonic and Denso have established their manufacturing units in the MET Project. The model economic township project will continue to be developed in the Industrial Model Township framework on the directly-purchased land. The development work has started on 290 acres of land as an ‘industrial colony’.

Ever thought about it Why you should even buy an Industrial plot in an industrial town?

These questions should be mandatory for any individual purchasing an industrial plot in Reliance MET or in any industrial town. Short story long , Industries should always be established on industrial lands only for some good reasons: Pollution both noise and environmental causes traffic congestion, Hazardous for neighborhood, Increases the Density of people, plus commercial activities are also agitated. If you are musing over the thought of buying an industrial plot then here are some advantages which will clear all your doubts regarding this issue.

  1.  In terms of buyers and sellers in the same town, bog advantages are automatically added up.
  2. Since , industrial towns are not easy to move so even after the city expands industrial plots remain at the same place and their property value increases.
  3. There have been several instances where it has been seen that Industrial plots can also accommodate industries like Information & Technology and many people  are even practicing the same where they have converted their Industrial units into offices and using them for IT and ITES service related units.

 In every way these points are clearly fruitful and in the favor of buyers only. With growing need of warehousing, gurgaon, Haryana are like a windfall for all the buyers and companies.

Since the optimistic thoughts for employment in this industry is booming and with  a growth rate of 15% per annum, It’s clear that industry is going to provide jobs to thousands.

So, without wasting any time be the first  one to grab this exciting opportunity of investment in reliance MET industrial plots in Gurgaon.

Industrial plots  are available on freehold basis of Sizes–2000 sq mtr to 10 acres in this Project at Gurgaon Jhajjar Road along Kundli Manesar Palwal(KMP) Expressway, Reliance MET Industrial Plots of 8000 acres development in Gurgaon area at the best price.

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Contact, a prestigious property specialist in Gurugram, to realize Reliance MET rates! The property specialist is working intimately with Reliance. All your plot manages Reliance will be reserved at The organization is in charge of masterminding the site seeing and property related documentation.

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