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Any Indian knows what Delhi is to us. We treasure it the most because it’s not just our capital but the place that has had an integral part in the history of our nation. Delhi has been the centre of power and played a pivotal role in the development of industry and economy of India. From early, medieval, modern and to our present day, Delhi has been a prominent city in India for different reasons. Nowadays, the city owes its popularity and significance to the plots in Delhi, thatcomprises of Industrial area in Delhi NCR , Commercial property in Gurgaon and also Farmland for sale. Thus, investing your money in different properties in and around Delhi will assure you high returns on your capital.

Though some might debate and say that, it is 60km extended state, how can you assure there is enough land to own residential, Commercial property in Gurgaon and industrial plot? The answer to that is that Delhi though a seemingly not very vast has nearly 24 active industrial areas, where prospective buyers can own the land and build their industries/factories.

Moreover, another essential factor about Delhi is that all the principal legal offices, govt/ offices have headquarters here, so there will never be any issue getting a permit for building your property! Isn’t that just great- you get to stay in the capital, own a substantial chunk of land and be able to call yourself a proud Delhiite!

Through this article, we bring to you few, best plots/lands for sale; apart from the industrial area in Delhi as well as farmland for sale inthe capital city, and some commercial property in Gurgaon which is up for sale. It’s a wholly marvellous and gratifying time, for you to make wise and worthy investments!

Address: Near Chhatarpur farms, Delhi

Anyone willing to invest their money in buying agricultural land, then this is an excellent opportunity for you. You get to own the property near the outskirts of Chhatarpur. Chhatarpur is a prime location of all the high- society people of Delhi, on its outskirts has farmhouses. Some of these lands are suitable to be turned into agricultural land, so what’s the harm? Nothing, there is absolutely no shortage of farmland for sale in the region.

The plot is resalable ensuring that you’re not stuck with a dead property, even after keeping it to yourself, and the land will have a good market value, which a huge plus. Apart from that, you’ll be the sole owner of this land; there is no fuss of a leasing agreement involved with this land. Moreover, the locality is very posh and decent, and it is not all a deserted place; it also comes along with security, boundary wall!

The most significant benefit you get of owning farmland is that you can have some farmers cultivate an excellent chunk of land and rest can have a farmhouse built on it. That way, you can have the goodness of fresh vegetables from your farm, and it will also turn into an amazing get-away spot for you and your family. Imagine you own a house, a farm and a farmhouse in Delhi probably the best kind of life one can have!

Address: Sector- 34, Rohini, Delhi

If you’re just married and want to buy a decent house to begin a new phase of your life in Delhi, nothing’s better than owning a home that allows you to move in, with READY TO MOVE IN option. These words sound like music to anyone on a house hunt! Numerous such plots in Delhi, are available for sale you need to search for “land for sale near me”, and research thoroughly.

This property helps you get over the stress of late possession. Also, it’s just a year old, and considering that you and your family will technically be the actual owners of this fantastic, residential property. And not to forget, you don’t even have to give a security deposit to have the paperwork in place, it will all the done without the hassle of the security deposit.

And if you plan on raising a family of your own, the locality is surrounded by five schools in less than 2km radius of this fantastic plot!

Address: Ramesh Nagar, Delhi

Everybody wishes to buy that is close to a market, so that you don’t have to go far off places to buy groceries. Moreover, you have a hospital in 5km radius, and also Ramesh Nagar is close to Rajouri and Subash Nagar, making sure your weekend plans are set with visits to the mall. This property will surely treat you like royalties because it has nearly four malls in its vicinity, you can buy the essential things at the mall!

It does not end there as the plot has full metro connectivity and is close to the colony market, making it easier to get all the important household stuff. Let’s not get stuck here; it’s a 5yr old property allowing you to have full ownership of this residential plot. It also has nearly five schools in a 1km radius of this suitable locality.

Comes with a ready to move in status, making it a swift transition into your new house! Also, the plot is facing a garden, and so your fitness routine will inevitably fall into place with this plot. Even for your kids, they’ll be in a gated community, enjoying in the garden and playing loads of games!

Address: Mayapuri Industrial Area, Phase- II, Jail Road, Delhi

If you wish to set up a factory and are looking to set the manufacturing unit in Delhi, then you would want to have a look at this established property. Don’t second think about the space mentioned in the heading, it’s just the build-up area, and you can build over three floors! It’s a new property and has just been put on the market. The sooner you try to get this property, the better it is for you to get it at a reasonable, negotiable price!

The amenities available by the owner are car parking and also a lift with a weight limit of 2 tons. Though the actually owned floors are 2nd and 3rd apart from that, you get the roof as well. The first floor and the ground floor have been constructed in partnership with another owner. But in case you wish to convert the rooftop into a covered floor.

The condition of the property is clean and ready to move in, you can get immediate possession of the farmland for sale once all the legalities are in place.

Address: Neo Square, Dwarka Expressway, Gurgaon

In case you wish to own office space, this is the time for you to secure a floor in the Neo Square project. It’s a 17th-floor project building with the 6th floor on sale. The carpet area of the floor is 345sq ft. And the Super area is of 700 sq. ft. 

You get many amenities as part of this project like dry pantry, car parking, washrooms, separate units and lifts. When you say office, these are the basic infrastructural needs that every commercial plot owner would have. But not to beat around the bush, you get ten washrooms with 21 separate units and access to 5 lifts! Commercial property in Gurgaon, is at an all-time high, making it a suitable investment option.

The superb deal, you lend the floor to office space seekers, and you’ll mint money. The location is prime, Dwarka Expressway is being revamped into a luxurious Expressway with elite brands coming to the nearby malls and the real estate fighting overbuilding their best real estate venture, it is the place to be.

The plot is overlooking the main road, ensuring full connectivity and access for your prospective customers. It also comes with power back up and is also Vaastu compliant. So, search online for-land for sale near me”, to do thorough research and don’t think twice, get this amazing property right away!


You don’t have immediately give the builders the money of these excellent properties. Instead, as a bit of first hand advice, you should consider researching well about these properties with either dealers/ their respective neighbourhoods.

And in Delhi, everybody is so friendly and cordial that in case you wish to enquire about these or any other properties you wish to acquire, you can easily visit the sites and ask the nearby people, that’s the most significant plus point of Delhiites. Apart from when it comes to buying even a small piece, you will have to spend big, because as it is the Real Estate industry always has hefty property prices. Choose plots in Delhi, to invest your money wisely and make massive returns on the amount you have to spend, later.

Finding any property in Delhi might be tricky, but with Metro being available at even the most remote location, the commute will never be an issue no matter where you wish to buy your dream plot! And you do not have to feel overwhelmed when you hear such massive amounts, as it is if you aim to own a commercial plot/floor then big bucks are not even a question. However, if you wish to spend well on a residential plot, then always check the basic amenities provided by the owner and also what’s it’s the neighbourhood like these two that are crucial in making your final choice.

Also, if you’re interested in buying good factory plots, then areas like Okhla, Mayapuri and Najafgarh should be your priorities, as the cost of sq. ft land is cheaper in these areas, and you can easily install a good factory. So, grab your best piece of land in Delhi now, and if you are willing, you may search for fantastic offers on commercial property in Gurgaon.

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