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Delhi Ceiling to Boost Industrial Real Estate in Gurgaon Or Near Delhi

The location of Bhiwadi is a very favourable one. This small town is located very close to the other main cities, including the NCR. Bhiwadi is just 70 kilometres from Delhi and 40 km from Gurgaon. Bhiwadi’s population census tells us that its population was just around 30,000 before the 2011 census. However, it went on to nearly 1 lakh, and all this was possible due to the fast-growing industries of Bhiwadi. The search for Industrial plots in Bhiwadi has seen a surge, and here we are to help you find the best plot out there.

Why can Bhiwadi be a good choice for industries?

Just like other cites like Delhi, Gurgaon, Alwar, Jaipur, etc., the city of Bhiwadi has seen a metamorphosed economy. This was possible only after the establishment of the industrial hub in Rajasthan. This, in turn, changed the face of commercial properties as well. Now, who wouldn’t want an industrial plot in this highly potential area? Exactly that’s the reason we are here to help you through this tedious task of buying the perfect industrial plot for your company.

Being situated on the borders of Rajasthan and Haryana, it has a whole pile of opportunities. The town of Bhiwadi is said to have an insignificant past but a very bright future. The district of Alwar plays an important role in the emerging industrial hub here. Situated in the Alwar locale, it has more than 2500 operational companies.

The ever-growing development of Bhiwadi is all due to the efforts of the government of the state along with the hard-working people of the town. Due to these major advancements, the standard of living of the people has equivalently shown a significant surge.

Few major companies in Bhiwadi

Bhiwadi is a hub for all kinds of companies, including small and mid-size as well. Although being a small industry, it is quite impressive to know that it is self-sufficient at the same time. Companies like rolling mills, textiles, printing, cables, steel, engineering, electronics, furnace, etc. form part of this sufficiently effective industry hub.

A variety of multinational companies have also become a part of this industry recently. Companies like Asahi, Hero, Honda, Pepsi, Honda Siel, Ray-Ban, Saint Gobain, United Breweries, etc. have set up their businesses here. This newly and recently set up multinational companies have given hope and employment to the youth of the town.

Industrial plots offered for sale

The industrial plots in Bhiwadi have seen an ever-rising demand since the major developments. The industrial plots in this area offer not only geographically efficient land but also economically resourceful land. The benefits of these plots are something that one should always look out for.

1000 sqm Industrial Land at Bhiwadi

This particular plot is located exactly opposite the Honda Car Pant in Bhiwadi that has the best set of amenities and well-created territory. The place has all sorts of facilities like electricity, gas connection, roads, transportation, infrastructure, telecommunication, sewage line, security, police, etc.

The mechanical line of Khuskhera is very close by and has many multinational companies that had expanded their companies in that region. And hence, it is in the best interest of any company to particularly choose plots in Bhiwadi. The Delhi terminal is just 65 km from this plot which can be helpful for connectivity. This industrial plot seems to be well equipped and has a fate to provide you best returns.

12800 Sqm Industrial Plot in Bhiwadi

This massive industrial plot is closer to the capital of the country, Delhi. Due to this proximity, it already has the advantage to be a better option than others. This specific plot is at the ground level, making very useful and productive. The area is pretty much in demand, and hence the prices here do not drop below Rs. 10,000 per sq mt.

The Rajasthan State Industrial Development and Investment Corporation (RIICO) has this particular industrial land under its control and hence charges 2% transferrable charges with few other charges too. Investors who tend to build shopping malls, IT offices, or Production unit can find this plot to be perfect for the investment.

1000 Sqm Industrial Plot in Khuskhera, Bhiwadi

The properties Khuskhera has very smooth connectivity with Delhi NCR, and the speculation tends to be on its side. Several financial specialists have jumped into the race of investing in the area. The growth here is said to be inevitable.

The certain structures give it a gated boundary. The prices that we offer are very rare, and it is an opportunity of a lifetime. The prospects predicted by specialists are positive here. There are many production units and offices in the area like Honda Car and Two Wheeler plant, Lathi Steel, Supreme Furnitures, Paramount Cable, etc. The industrial area of Khuskhera comes under the Japan Investment Corridor, a Central Government Scheme Dmic. This worth a deal.

5000 Sqft Factory Ready to Move land

Why spend your crores and precious time in building something that is made readily available just for you? A well-established factory has built in the 5000 sqft area in the prime industrial area of Bhiwadi. You might not believe this, but the land is just 500 meters away from the local streets. The face of opportunities and benefits will change in no matter of time once the proposed metro rail and air terminal have finished its work. The future demographics of the place are already set to be changed.


The industrial areas in Bhiwadi are set to change the face of the economy of the town.  The

future economy and demographics are all in favour of the industries of the area. The RIICO is deliberately working to make these plans successful with upgradations on many levels. The census of 2021 may see a tremendous surge just like it did in the past decade. The town of Bhiwadi is set to experience developed plots, good roads, proper residential towns, modern infrastructure, high power supply due to the newly set up businesses. It can be a wise choice to invest in these industrial plots to enjoy a future full of high returns. Bhiwadi Industrial Plots

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